IG/Xbox/MS: Crossbuy PC Win 10 Problem (Video)

I show having S1, S2, KI Gold from S3, but missing Shadow Jago, VIP double XP, and S3 characters.
I then show (through streaming from my Xbox One to Windows) that I have all of them and everything is fine on Xbox One. Everything is the same account - I log into Windows 10 itself with the same Microsoft account I use for Xbox One, and the same with the Windows Store, etc.

Too long, didn’t watch:
I have access to everything on Windows 10 except S3 characters, Double XP, and Shadow Jago - but parts of the Ultra S3 bundle is there (the KI Gold part.) I bought everything on Xbox One and the save file was loaded prior like we have been instructed. Video is uncut, however I did blur my name on the Start screen - that is the only edit. I prove I have the purchases by streaming Xbox One to my PC. I also have a receipt if needed but I didn’t show it on the video.

I also show the ‘missing text’ listings during the breakdown after a match, which also happens on Xbox.

Apologies for voice quality - I have a decent Blue mic but preferred using my cheap Logitech G230 headset for this, just to get the point across.

This is what is happening to me. The thing is, i bought Kim wu and the arbiter directly on the pc version yet i can’t use them. I have the free version, and i know that the game already registered the purchase because it gave me some achievements. I don’t have a XBO so is not a cross buy problem.