IG-Whats in store for KI after last fighter? We need questions answered,TY!

:slight_smile: Ok, here are some of my opinions of what needs to happen to our beloved killer instinct,and 1st of all i would like to apologize for my behavior in the past on these forums and on the kinect when people get angry etc. im sorry,ive had alot of people latley just start saying the most horrible and disgusting insults you could ever hear through the kinect mic.ive made alot of changes in life and sacrifices only people who know me could appreciate how hard ive worked to change haveing PTSD do to an attacker trying to kill me,some people know the story as i said KI saved my life, now thats an exagaration,KI helped me from going insane with living with my step-dad when the attacked happened so KI S1 really was greatley theaputic when i was haveing alot of anxitey and flashback issues.Anyways enough about me

  1. S3 showed IG’s ability to improve the color saturation and hue but i do think they need to speed up the animations and moves w/ certain fighters maya about 15%,rash 5%, aganos about 40%, Raam 10%,

  2. i applaud IG’s openess to fan and player requests ,Funny story when the Maya trailer came out with the Kan-ra tease i was talking to a guy way b4 rash was a zit on KI’s butt and he was wishing for a battletoad and i said yeah right and look what happened,lol! i think they listened to me about me wanting a certain retro Cinder color ,i said it was tan but it was more a very light,light greenish or beige color with a red outline in KI1 classic ,and the Tan came out dooky brown,lol but thatnks for listening

  3. Question- are they gonna add a s4 or make an entire new game ?
    4 Questions- are they gonna n add stages n music for Rash,Mira,Gargos, Raam etc ?

  4. Question-will they ever add ultimates,its kinda stupid that only shadow jago has an ultimate

  5. i guess money and time constraints suggest we will never get retro stages

7.question i thought Double helix left to make a Ki4 and other games to develop for an next gen android system? Only reason i ask is IG recruiting some of DH’s guys that worked on S1 could potentially add so much excitement and buzz attention that could bring alot of insight to improve some imperfections and most important keep KI living ,even though Tekken 7 is on the horizion.

8.question am i the only one who sees a difference in animations from s1,2, and 3 ? some of the protypical, impact animations on contact with some of the fighters show a shockwave type animation and i think that asthetically looks off and adds an element that makes the autos look slower.

9.are we getting a story line for season 3 ?

10 Most important — iron galaxy Do you see a Season 4 ,honestly IG please answer

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I like your 3rd question dere. I.G needs to add ultimates to the entire cast and needs to make them great, or else!