IG needs your help to nerf/buff some characters. Fun game

IG has contacted you, they need your help balancing some characters. They have given you full control of what to take away and what to add on up to 3 characters from the roster. You can give a huge massive buff, but in return you need to give a huge massive nerf to balance it. Once you have given your nerf/buffs you must let the next person who posts on this thread decide if they want to change your balances, or change other characters. Could be serious, or could be for fun, you decide our fates. I’ll start.

Buff - She can now Vengeance counter both highs and lows with PPP and Vengeance counter ALL projectiles with KKK
Nerf - Her movement speed is reduced by 100% and she cannot dash

Buff - Her daggers now cause massive chip damage and always return to her on hit or block
Nerf - If she fails to pick up her dagger in 5 seconds, they disappear for the remainder of the game

Buff - She can mist for as long as you hold the button, she can move around the air.
Nerf - Using mist drains potential damage while holding the button. Also if she if counter broken during a combo, all potential damage she had is lost.

Side note. I posted this on the General Discussion thread as I wasn’t exactly sure where to make this, so if this does not belong here I apologise

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  • Orchid hair and face
  • Sabrewulf retro face
  • Hisako can no longer counter shadow moves
  • Teleport characters limited in the number of teleports per match
  • Reduce Rash’s shadow boot hitbox so that it can be avoided by a neutral jump
  • Sadira yanked from roster

*Teabagger icon on Gamertag during select screen

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Your not serious right?

Brilliant, nothing says balance like removing an anti-air’s ability to hit people in the air!


not to mention it would stop punishing the jumpers for relying to much on it.

Omen is completely intangible except for his mask or when he attacks and if he were to get hit in the mask (high attacks or overheads) it would deal massive damage to him.

I know this is a “for fun” game but thought I would objectively analyze some of the suggestions and how they would change the game.

This character would be pretty much unplayably bad, I think. Counter is okay, but it’s not THAT good (also, Kim basically has this counter, although it doesn’t start a combo, and it’s only okay as a defensive tool). Meanwhile, not letting her walk or dash means she must get around by jumping with no meaningful air mobility, so she would just get torn to shreds.

Hmmm… lol. Again, a pretty severe extreme. Either she is dominating characters or she is getting dominated. Might be fun in a mugen kind of way, though.

This is a much scarier version of current Mira, because it’s a strict buff (she doesn’t have to use the new mist, but she could if she wanted, and the nerf you suggest is basically just “yes, the continuous mist can’t be used for free, just like how regular mist works”). If she gets counter broken, I’d say 50-60% of the time she has lost the round even in the current version, so I don’t see that as a particularly game-changing nerf. You’ve basically suggested Mira be able to keep herself permanently invincible in addition to her regular toolset.

What’s the problem with this?

To be fair, Rash’s shadow boot has an absolutely mammoth hitbox. It’s easily the best shadow reversal in the game and it’s super difficult (maybe impossible for most characters without teleports) to bait from close-ish range if he has instinct cancel on deck. But yeah, not saying it needs to be changed. It’s just a good move in a game full of good moves.

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I can’t tell if this serious or not, so I’m just going to be silly with this.

Buff: Burnouts last forever.
Nerf: Attacks do no damage. You can only cash out PD.

Buff: Dashes travel full screen (they don’t move any faster though)
Nerf: Dashes recover 3 frames slower.

Buff: Wings are out all the time.
Nerf: Wings are out all the time.


It’s what you want it to be, as I said it could be serious, or for fun.

Buff: Every attack causes burnout on the opponent. And they always last the full 7.5 seconds.
Nerf: No more Burnout Enders.

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Buff:Double reactor speed
Nerf:No mobility boost and pip canceling costs 2 bars.
Buff:He can reload his carbine in 180
Neef:His magazine is reduced in half.
Buff:Demonic Despair does 100% full damage and 2 frames faster.
Nerf:No more battery enders(enders do same damage) and meter gain is reduced by 75%

Ok since this is a ridiculous silly thread I’ll do it to:

Sadira: Remove 'widows drop so she can’t avoid punish after a blocked heavy dagger throw. Because ■■■■ Sadira!

Everyone else: Shooting rainbows out of their eyes.

(Note totally not serious)

Okay then.

Buff: Make sand tornado
Nerf: sand gets in his eyes if it is held too long


He can already make a sand tornado. He should make it out of ice cream.


  • Aganos now has armor permanently. Movement speed is equal to current one-chunk movement speed.
  • Using chunks for walls, projectiles and peacemaker causes 7% damage to Aganos. Chunk acquisition speed buffed by 3 frames. Recycling a chunk will return 4% heath to Aganos.


  • Hisako can spend 1 bar of meter on a fully invincible reversal that deals modest damage.
  • Instinct no longer allows lows to be countered with 3P.
  • Wrath-Cancelling Possession costs 100% Wrath meter.


  • Shadow form now costs a half a bar of meter
  • Orda wakeups now vulnerable to lows

@Infilament tell me why I’m stupid pls :laughing:

Don’t worry Marble - I’ll do it instead :smirk:

Aganos - so does this mean that Aganos can only be opened up with heavy buttons and throws? All other attacks are manifestly worthless? If not, how much armor are you proposing to give him? Just one chunk’s worth?

Hisako - wrath cancelling possession already drops you to about 35-40% wrath, which is functionally useless anyway. And because of how fast wrath regenerates now, there isn’t really much of a meaningful time difference between recharging wrath from 40% or 0% - it’s a difference of a few fractions of a second.

You’re welcome :relieved::thumbsup:

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Aganos - I was thinking an armored “state” like a burnout state, refresh rate would have to be determined by testing. But yeah - I don’t do this for a living and that’s probably a good thing :wink:

Hisako - it’s not about the regen time, it’s about not being able to do it at all unless you had full wrath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aganos gets a rework

General bug fixes and changes
The screen no longer zooms out during a match when Aganos is selected. This is done to make him look more terrifying and towering over opponents. Tournament organizers have a toggle to switch to the old view but require Shago at level 50.

New Ender: Aganos launches himself in the air, out of sight and lands randomly on the left, middle or right side of the screen. The random element has been chosen due to the positive reception to Omen’s randomness of his fireballs. If you’re hit by this new Ender then you lose a full health bar.

Peacemaker can be consumed by Aganos like a Snickers bar. It restores his health at the cost of armor chunk (chunk comes out of his…)

One Ender has been taken out.



So you’d only be able to do it in instinct then? Otherwise it’s impossible to do a special and still have 100% wrath. :-p

Yeah - I figured if I were giving her a DP, that might be a sufficient kick in the pants.

Then again, I’ve been drinking cough syrup. :persevere: