IG needs your help to nerf/buff some characters. Fun game 2.0

Hey there everyone. Long time lurkers may remember seeing a thread way back in May about a fun little game I had created. Well, I feel like it’s time to take another go at it. Not to mention that when I made the first topic, Gargos, Eyedol and Raam had not been released yet, but now that the roster is full this leaves even more craziness to explore. For those who don’t know what the heck im talking about, don’t worry I gotchu.

IG has contacted you, they need your help balancing some characters. They have given you full control of what to take away and what to add. You can give a huge massive buff, but in return you need to give a huge massive nerf to balance it out. You can do this to as many characters as you like. This is purely for fun and feel free to critique our fake suggestions. Give someone a ridiculous buff and nerf. You decide our fate!


+Can air jump an additional 5 times
-He can only have 1 minion out

+Chunks can no longer be removed upon being hit by the opponent. They are still removed when setting up walls or using them as projectiles
-Payload assault ender is removed.

Shadow Jago
+All of his moves hitboxes and its properties are now randomized. Meaning if you use something like a projectile, it may recognize as an overhead with a hitbox the size of Aganos’ thrown peacemaker.
-His overall damage has been reduced by 50%

+Overall damage has been increased by 10000%
+She cannot be combo broken
+Mist can be held for as long as you want, and no potential damage can be drained or lost
+Bats always follow the opponent
-She dies in one hit.

TJ Combo
+TJ always has Last Breath. Always.
-The opponent gains 50% of their health back for every Last Breath.
-TJ no longer wears gloves

Have fun!


General RAAM

+RAAM’s kryll attacks (except FADC) will leave a swarm of kryll surrounding him. This swarm grants him one hit of armor and projectile invulnerability. It goes away after a certain amount of seconds, or if he armors through an attack.

+While the swarm is on him, RAAM’s FADC will function as it does in instinct, so he can move while charging it up. The swarm will be removed after using the FADC.

-kryll swarms can no longer be applied to enemies to damage them over time.


Buff:Insta win upon character select.
Nerf:Has no normals or specials.



+New move: Tiger Prounce, grounded that causes a recapture but is very negative on block.

+5% damage increase on all variants of Tiger Fury (including enders)

~Instinct healing factor now requires Jago to take damage to gain health. He has 5 stocks of spirit meter, they fill when taking either 15% damage or parrying 3x per stock. To initiate healing factor of 12% health back per stock, use new Spirit Ender.

~mp + mk initiate parry

-Jago can no longer flip-out opponents

-Charged endokukens have longer recovery

Sabrewulf has a new "treat system"
By using Sabrewulf’s new moves: “rollover”(QCB+LK), “play dead”(QCB+MK), or “backflip”(QCB+HK) he can earn treats that can either be consumed for health or thrown at the opponent as a low damage projectile(LP+MP+HP).


+Is removed from the game

+Super easy rushdown like in KI1
-can only use trailblazer and Inferno.
-Inferno is terribly slow on start and execution, super easy to punish
-Trailblazer is super easy to punish.
-No air juggle abilities
+Definitely like KI1 Cinder for sure : U

+Made into a more original style character as opposed to being a guest character
-That buff statement is only a joke : p

+Gains new projectile: Jet Blast (Glacius fires a stream of water that freezes the opponent.
-Can only be yellow/gold Glacius.

+Can jump super high into the air
-fall damage is 20%

I’m probably not playing this right but that was fun for me anyway : p



  • (+) Every single normal and special attack now emits a Devastation Beam that is active for the entire duration of the normal/special. The normal and special moves keep their same properties as do the Devastation Beams but they travel the direction of the move (For example: cr.HP would have a Devastation Beam travel from his fist upwards). None of these beams require meter in any shape or fashion

  • (-) Fulgore no longer has his ponytail

[Developer notes: We felt that Fulgore hasn’t reached his full potential amongst the community. Too often are there complaints that the entire cast gets to “run a train” on Fulgore with him having no adequate reward for his lacking toolset. We believe this is a step in the right direction and hopefully gives players the chance to realize Fulgore’s full potential! We also believe that Jago suffers from the same thing so he will get similar balancing in the future to finally make him a competitively viable option.]

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Galactic Geek enters the arena and strikes first with a nonsensical complaint!

Everyone dies of boredom.

GG wins!

This thread is basically how Valve would balance Killer Instinct.


Love this change, also love that is listed as a buff.

I have a suggestion for the game mechanics, not the characters:

+Fix combo breaHAHAHAHAHA oh god, I can’t type it without laughing xD


+Gargos’ minions are replaced by a flock of Gargeese.
-The geese are pretty loud.

+Says awoo
+Gets an actual sabre that can end the fight in a single swift reposte
-Will also submit to defeat if stuck a single time
-Distracted by treats, like biscuits or opiates

+Boing Boing

+Gains a Cauldron of Soup
-Soup is too hot

+Gets a giant mech suit
-Harder to see her because she’s always in the mech suit
+Mech has drink holders
-Terrible gas mileage
-No on suite bathroom
+Bunk Bed




  • He uses all the power of his meter to change his hair’s position side, starting a tornado and throwing the opponent out of the stage.
  • He loses his hair if the opponent block the tornado.

Thats going to a a lot of empty jump throws…

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Goodness, no sense of humor ay?

Sabrewulf: Howl Taunt now does 100% damage.

Sadira: Can now do quadruple jumps, can leave a web at any time (even without instinct) of which is completely unblockable. All moves are now jump cancelable.

Jago: After years of meditation, Jago has given up his role as a Tibetan fighter and embraced his true purpose in life as a ballerina. All moves will be altered to accommodate his change in occupation.


Kim Wu:

  • : Kim Wu’s Jumping Heavy Punch is now a recapture, can be used twice after Ultra combos
  • : She Loses a Dragon if she is combo broken
  • : Her Ultra Combo is Much Slower
  • : :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::punch::athletic_shoe: -Ultimate (Same requirements as Shadow Jago)

+/- : Her Ultra ender can now recapture again, but at a certain height

  • : Her Flashbang command normal is increased time before detonation for 10 seconds
  • : :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: :punch: :athletic_shoe: - Ultimate (same requirements as shadow Jago)

Is that not humor? I mean…I had a gif and everything…if that’s not supposed to be playing along then I don’t know what is.

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+: Becomes an unstoppable force, knows your every tactic and strategy and applies it to herself along with the counters
+: Has 3 legit 360 health bars now
+: Canceling instinct doesn’t cost her instinct meter

-: Can no longer be a selectable character
-: Only gains half an instinct bar per match
-: Cannot switch bodies

you kidding? you trying to piss people off now?