IG dev team reconsider fulgore plasma cancels 3.7

instead of removing lazer cancels into plasma bolt could you please just remove his heavy plasma bolt all together? So it takes care of 1 chance breaks for crazy damage. I need plasma bolts cancelled from lazer to do cool stuff as shown below.

taking away that cancel means that i can’t get the opponent higher in the air to continue my juggles. i know in the vid I have the option to go into heavy lazer into plasma then shadow plasma and that is viable but being proposed to be taken away.

So again i ask that we have open minds and ask ourselves if this is the right course of action. I think its better just to make fulgore lose the fastest projectile (heavy plasma bolt) than to do whats currently planned.

They can’t just put in another nerf for a patch that drops in 2 days.

ya, and…

A) i didnt ask them too.
B) if they would have actually thought about this silliness this wouldn’t even be a topic.

I don’t it’s nessecary since the heavy plasma bolt can add some depth into mixing up the kind of speed I can shoot my shadow plasma bolts. Considering you can’t cancel from fireball into eye-beam It’s really not that bad. If you really wanna keep your opponent in the air you should stick to just using ground beams and use your plasma bolts when you’re done with em.

I know that sucks you don’t get to that fancy trick at the end of your Ultra, but honestly this issue is just more or less about preference anyway between you and I.

If anything it’ll be more productive in finding what other stuff we can use with the changes we have set. Prepare to adjust.

…that’s a vid of an ultra extension… :expressionless:

First: I don’t think imposing clunky rules on otherwise intuitive mechanics is necessarily the way to go about bring Fulgore in line. Yes, his zoning via pipxx is very powerful, and borderline obnoxious. I would have liked to see perhaps an adjustment to pip/spin cost, or even a modification to the way reactor spin works to impose greater penalty for abusive reactor usage - a meltdown of sorts. Now, for reasons difficult to explain in a movelist (but of course they won’t explain in the movelist anyway), you can pip cancel any special into another special, except laser into fireball, but you can still cancel fireball into laser. I also think [teleport x special] is another no-go string(s) that is unlisted. Also no cancelling Blade Dash on block… if only they would revamp the movelist to explain these nuanced pip cancel rules, things might be a little different.

Overall though, I think the removal of laser x fireball is better than the removal of one strength of fireball altogether… I mean… you weren’t seriously entertaining that idea, were you? I’m against unintuitive mechanics that go unexplained (in-game), so one special not having a heavy version in the entire game is just… ridiculous. And bad for Fulgore. I mean, you can still connect H.Fireball to H.Laser x teleport>combo, and H.Fireball adds an important layer to his now more traditional projectile zoning.

Also, ultra extensions aren’t good arguments for any mechanical changes, ever.

TL;DR - No, H.Fireball will never go away, that’s ridiculous. The change to Fulgores zoning could have been done a little cleaner w/ further mechanical adjustment to reactor instead of unintuitive cancel rule changes.

ultra extenders lol. I like it. no man, anything that can be done after an ultra (juggle wise) can be done during a match and in this case, executed after any air launcher. I’ve done this combo even right after a level 1 ender air launch.

I do agree that these rules are getting stupid.
IG: you can cancel specials into specials.
US: huh, why won’t these cancels work?
IG: cause we aren’t consistent and just Frankenstein everything together.

look man. the difference between a medium bolt and a heavy is noticeable but not all ending. I say take it out and let everyone have their candy. by the way, Letalis was stone cold crazy at KIcup17. lol

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taking out lazer into bolt means it harder to to long manual strings as the bolt breaks the traditional 2nd hit combo state and I can even manual a light lazer into a Cr heavy into what ever.

Okay, so I actually watched the vid, and that particular bit of goodness at the end is actually still possible!

I assume you typically utilize a cheaper meter-wise version w/ juggle M.Laser x H.Fireball x Teleport>manual(xx), correct? Well, from now on you’ll have to have considerably more resources extend juggles unbreakably (which is my favorite thing in this game, despite being bad at it), but it’s still doable as shown in the vid because you can still cancel into EX moves as normal. So…

M.Laser x EX.Fireball x Teleport>manual x EX.DP

Costs pretty much the whole bar, but is a very nice extension into cashout.

ya, there’s another version too
med lazer, Cr hp, heavy lazer, heavy plasma bolt, into shadow lazer, telly, repeat and DP. can do that version :confused:. eh, oh well.

how do u know all this crap anyways? lol

Oh yeah, you get free manuals off of any Laser opener! That lets you do the super-neato sweep launch setup, which I’m pretty sure you need the fast H.Fireball for… could be wrong though, I don’t play Fulgore…

Laser>cr.HK x HP x L.Laser>st.HK x H.Fireball x Teleport

It’s so bloody cool. I dunno why I don’t play this character.

Not sure to what you’re specifically referring… but the answer is “I used my noodle”. :smiley:

you can use medium plasma bolt but recovery is slower I think.

ya fulgores fun man. taco lord is pretty good with him. 9to9 is bad ■■■ too. but fulgore is a straight raw read character besides his frame traps and stuffing moves, but the ladder is more rare.