IG and "the new moves" recycled animations problem

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It is true that ki is a low-budget game , but one thing is to recycle a movement and another is, to do it always,every s3 new movements are recycled.
This is a fierce competition, and this sort of thing decide if you play or not a fighting game, like it or not KI is competing against SF5 , MKX , t7 , ggxrd, it’s time MS stop seeing KI as an indie game.

Maybe people deliberately havent responded here,…but what are uou talking about, we hardly even know anything about s3?

What we have seen of Rash (morphing moves) and Kim-Wu (nun-chucks) seems really unique to the character for the most part…

OP could you provide an example of what you are referring to exactly? I admit I haven’t seen much S3 footage yet but from what little I have seen I don’t recall Rash or Kim borrowing any animations from any other characters.

Are you talking about the animations for season one and two characters for the season 3 rebalance? If so, I’m not entirely certain where you’re seeing this.

Sabrewulf’s diving slash looks like his jumping slash because it’s more or less an air version of the leaping slash. I’ll grant that it looks slightly awkward and could maybe use some polishing in the excitement / effects category, but I think the actual movement gets a free pass given what it’s supposed to be.

Trying to think of any others though and I’m coming up empty. Can you clarify?

I guess he’s referring to the new moves. Wulfs dive is just leaping slash. Thunders new Sammamish follow ups are just his air normals. Sadiras damage ender is just web cling. Riptors mortar is just her antiair hp. Sakos air shadow orz is just the regular air orz with a shadow effect added. And all the new target combos for the cast just use existing normals. Still, i don’t see why it’s a problem, these are additions to existing characters, it makes sense to borrow animations from something else they do.


The rebalance shows a lot of recycled animations. Sadira’s new damage ender is literally just a webcling kick. Riptors new fireballs are his regular fire animation except actual fireballs come out now. Shago, he isn’t Season 3, has the big boot kick that is straight taken from Jago’s fireball ender.

Does that mean Season 3 will have recycled animations? Probably not because all the characters will be new and built from the ground up(hopefully). The rebalance may look recycled but I guess they did the best they could with their budget and time. The real effort will come from Season 3 characters I feel.

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Oh I see what you mean now. I thought OP meant that S3 characters (Rash/Kim) were using other characters animations or something.