If you have more choices on shadow colors what would you use the most?

Some of us are not feeling ok with the purple shadow effects. It may has something to do with the mimics of the shadow lords mode. Anyway, we may fund more colors for the shadow effects through the next community fund and im wondeing what colors could fit better for shadow VFX toggles…

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Random colors(rainbow shadows lol)

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This is a biased poll because there is no option for me to choose “like it as is with the purple.” Also, who are you to say what the next community fund is for (even if there is 1)? The devs ultimately decide that; not us.


Rainbow colors is amazing. Imagine all the people going blind with it and having seizures.

wao! Did you read the title?? Did you read the announcement?? Purple would remain as the pattern and we MAY toggle to another colors geez!

if you dont know @TempusChaoti has already told on his interview with @CrazyLCD that’s up to the community members decide what should be unlocked throught the campaing.

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Even so, there are far better things to spend money on than this idea, IMO…

We need RAINBOW shadows!

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I think being able to choose a colour would be nifty, but pointless. I’d like for my Spinal to glow with green hatred as I do a shadow move, but it isn’t necessary.

I think black would be awesome.

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