If you had to pick a guest

Aeon Flux
Leather face
Mychael Myers
Chronicals of Riddick

Ragna the Bloodedge
Yu Narukami
Marcus (or J.D.) Fenix
Squall Leonhart

Skorge and that’s it but I would like to see Solaire from dark souls.


Raiden mgr
Samurai jack
Alicard either from castlvania or hellsing ultimate lo any will do

Unrealistic (aka Sony and Nintendo icons )
…hold on let me look something up

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Joanna Dark
Donkey Kong

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Joanna Dark
Or Pimple
Honestly, I’m open with anyone

Luckily, I don’t have to pick one.

Now that i think if it, and I REALLy would like to fight, Apocalypse, wolverine if done right, would be supreme.

Nobody sticks to there main.
Oh yeah the roster is diverse.

It’ll only be possible in Mugen but these are my choices.
Not for being lore friendly, just for personal enjoyment.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dio Brando
Darksouls: Artorias
Mortal Kombat: Scorpion

Pin Head, from “Hell Raiser”.
The real Conan…
A Jedi Knight, a good one…
Conner McGregor.
A way to make my own fighter, I understand there
Would be certain limitations, but I’m sure it could be done.
With a unique open system.

Remember how KI does guests. You want Master Chief? Here’s Arbiter. Marcus Fenix? Have General RAAM.

I like that they’re willing to go for the less obvious but still major choice to represent a franchise.

With that in mind…

Vegeta. Or Trunks. Or Bardock.
Actually Bardock would make the most sense since in Xenoverse he’s doing the whole travelling through time and wormholes thing. Plus he’s got moves I can see fitting in.

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Dead Pool?

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Seeing Trunks doing an Ultra using Burning Slash with the Ultra Ender being his Heat Dome attack would be fantastic

Exu, if that logic applies…
Sho Minazuki
Jin Kisaragi / Hakumen

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Death / War darksiders
Dracula Castlevania book of shadows
Wesker RE series
Dante / Vergil DMC series
Alex Mercer / Sgt Kelly Prototype series
Black heart MvC series
Cervantes Soul calibur series


Ok here is my balls to the wall guest wishlist.

Asura from asura wrath. Maybe even augus as well. I love his character and hope if we get the vampire king in season4 they share the same attitude.

Bloodborne hunter. Either the player character, gascoigne or German or one of the beasts like the suspicious beggar

Dark souls dude. Preferably the sister friede. I fell in love with her black fire and ice dual scythe moveset that I wish could be replicated in a fighting game setting.

Venom from Spider-Man.


Death from darksiders

William from Nioh. Maybe even lord nobunaga.

A guilty fear charecter. Preferably Leo whitefang. As his unique stance change mechanic where he fights with his back facing to you is interesting enough that I want to see if it could be integrated into the KI style well.

And last but not least why not a Pokémon or 2. Pokken made me interested in seeing different Pokémon in different art style as some of them look different than in the base game. It may seem weird but I can’t deny the hype I would get from seeing a giant dragon land shark in KI or mewtwo or one of my favorite starter samurott a giant otter samurai shogun clad in bone armor with a giant bone 2 handed sword

Cloak & Dagger!
Green Lantern

Ivy from Soul Calibur with her magic whip sword

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I’ve played Orchid since day 1.