If You Could Choose 3 Stages From The First KI and KI2 For Season 3 Which Stages Would They Be. List Your No. 1 Pick

My Three Picks
Kim Wu Stage KI2
Spinal Stage KI2
Cinder’s Stage From KI.
My No. 1 would be Kim Wu’s
There are others but I did my best to fit 3 when I came up with the idea for this post none of the stages I listed came to mind. The thought of seeing mordern takes on the classics stages is exciting. If you want to list runner up you can. You can say why you choose if you like as well. Feel free to share
My runners up are:
T.J Combo KI2
The Street Stage KI (with the pink car with hot rod flames I think T.J. drove it in one of the endings)
Spinal Stage KI

1 - Desert Rooftop (Cinder - KI)
The best stage in KI 1 in my opinion, has everything to do with Cinder.

2 - Bridge (Jago - KI2)
An golden bridge with waterfalls and temples on the background.

3 - Interior Castle (Sabrewulf - KI)
A fancier version with tables and glasses of wine decorated in gold.

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Orchids helipad KI 2

Riptor bloody palace KI

Fulgore metallic factory ki2

Kim Wu hilltop dojo ki2

1 - SKY STAGE!!!

2 - City Rooftop in Chicago

3 - Bridge

KI1 Cinder Stage .

KI1 Orchid

K2 Spinal

KI1 Cinder stage
KI1 Riptor stage
im not interested in the other stages.

  1. Jagos Bridge KI2
  2. Cinders rooftop KI1
  3. Orchids rooftop KI1
  1. Bloody Altar (Riptor) KI 1
  2. Jungle (Maya) KI 2
  3. Stonehenge (Tusk) KI 2

Orchid Sky Rooftop at night Stage KI 1
Riptor bloody palace Hall KI 1
Kim Wu Mountaintop Dojo KI 2

Omg I’ve answered this twice

Spinal’s ship from KI2
Orchid’s rooftop from KI1
Riptor’s arena from KI1

Riptor stage look like has the popular vote

Do they also get their classic music with them? If so…

Orchid’s KI1 stage
TJ’s KI 2 stage
and Tusk’s KI2 stage. I really don’t like Tusk but I do love his old stage lol

Ah, this is tough!

Original KI
Cinder’s Desert Rooftop Stage
Orchid’s Chicago Rooftop Stage
Sabrewulf’s Castle Interior Stage

Honorable Mention: Spinal’s Rooftop Stage
Runner Up: Sabrewulf’s Castle Interior Stage (by a nose!)
Winner: Cinder’s Desert Rooftop Stage

The Cinder stage just looks so washed out and desolate, like the world already ended and there’s just nothing but sand and a few dilapidated ruins. It really conveyed an image of Ultratech’s dystopian future and I’d love to see a recreation of that in the new KI.

Tusk’s Stonehenge Stage
Gargos Dungeon Stage
Kim Wu’s Dojo Stage

Honorable Mention: Spinal’s Ship Stage
Runner Up: Gargos Dungeon Stage
Winner: Tusk’s Stonehenge Stage

This arena had so much going for it. The size and curvature of Stonehenge itself gave the arena a real sense of space while the stone on both the columns and the ground gave a good level of detail. Mix that with the beautiful sky and it’s contrasting colors and it was just a great place to have a match in.

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