If you could add something to an existing character

Riptor: Different colors of her energy claws for her colors.

To help convey my point

1: Blue plasma
2: Yellow Plasma
3: Puroke Plasma
4: Orange color
5: Cyan Plasma
6: Green Plasma
7: Orange Plasma
8: Red Plasma


Change the font on TJ’s default shirt to anything else, like seriously anything else…

Shorten the boots on Orchids Retro colors 1 & 2

Two tone liberty spikes for Thunders Retro, it’s a great alternative to the feathers and way better then bald.

Different colors for Kim Wu’s eternally pink jacket and waist band.

Totally Black and white color skins, special effects and all for the monsters. (Mira, Eyedol, Hisako, Wulf, and Aganos.)

Give Shago Jago’s accessories jus retexture them, maybe replace the face bandages with a skull face.

Rash could use his retro accessories with his modern look and vis versa, his costumes are literally just a texture difference so why not.

Alt colors of special effects/moves as accessories

Sabrewulf have red or purple blood

Fulgore’s ultimate would be 100x better if he knocked his opponent to the ground, then stood over him/ her, then unleashed the hype beam at point blank range. The current jumping hype beam ultimate is too similar to Jago’s in my opinion and un-inspired.

Also, give Aganos some different foliage for accessories like pine and palm trees growing out of him.

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New costume (Like The Legend of Thunder) for every characters.


Nothing is more needed than new gear

I agree so much. Point blank hype beam would be so much better

On that note:
Fixing Kim Wu’s Coat and Mira’s Cape so they change colors with the rest of their outfit


Give Riptor Godzilla accessories.

Make Riptor’s flame blue. Enough “normal” flames in this game.

I would give Sadira a air counter or a horizontal moving kunai (ground/air) like Shadow Jago.

Cool, lots of neat ideas. :sunglasses::+1:
I think some of you guys kinda missed the “one thing” part of the thread title though. I don’t want this to be another thread where people dump all their grievances about the game, not that anyone has yet. Let’s keep it interesting and fun and let everyone have a turn with their one thing they’d like to add.

Honestly, I feel like Sadira needs another ground special move.

She’s got some fun stuff to do in the air as far as juggles are concerned, but after two additional seasons since her arrival, she’s not quite “the air character” she was in season one. Other characters have mid-air fun stuff, yet they also have ground stuff that really kinda dwarfs her ground gome.

As a Sadira main, I kinda feel like when I’m forced to play on the ground against certain characters, it’d be nice if she had at least one more arrow in her quiver.

I’d like to see her get her ultra ender kick. Maybe d/f LK, MK or HK.

LK version: Covers a small amount of distance and acts as a quick opener.
MK version: Covers sweep distance and acts as an opener. Does not cross up.
HK version: Covers Half the screen and can wallsplat an opponent. The HK version can also be jump canceled in mid-air, but only with another forward jump, not a back jump.

Ender version: A quick jump and kick followed by a high kick that sends the opponent in to the air. She fires web lines up at them (like in her HP widows bite) and pulls the opponent over her head and down to the ground on the other side of her, just out of sweep range. Hard Knockdown Ender.

Shadow version: Quickly jumps and does four kicks, only she never drops her leg so it’s kinda like Scorpion’s HK-HK-LK-HK kicking combo in UMK3 that almost looks like he’s foot slapping the opponent repeatedly. When used as a linker, she jumps over the opponent to the other side and then kicks them four times.

Now, I know this was “one move” for a character, but since I’m talking about adding a whole special move to a character, I’d like for it to have most of what’s going on with an average special move. I’m sure that all of this sounds strong and like something she doesn’t overly need, but honestly, she needs something to cover some ground against zoners and this would allow her to approach in more creative ways (such as HK version, jump cancel, HP web cling or HK version, jump cancel, widows drop or HK version, jump cancel, land and low attack) or simply just to cover ground.

She’s still not a particularly hard hitter and she still has weak defensive options, especially on wakeup. I’m just trying to somewhat mitigate the weakness that makes a few of her matchups such a massive uphill climb.

Plus, as a Sadira player, it’d be nice to not have to rely so much on her juggling and air game. I know good Sadira’s can play a solid ground game, but it’d be nice if she still had a bit more variety in this regard, as well as a few more options for some of us weaker Sadira mains.

-Braces for the incoming anti-Sadie flames-


One thing I really want is a reason to actually use Kilgore’s Exhaust ender. Battery, advantage or something.

Isn’t it already a battery/advantage ender?

Not to my knowledge. There’s not real setups/frame trap you can do after it and from what I recall it gives no additional shadow

I’d also like to see Wulf get another move that he could do off of run. It still seems odd to me that TJ has so many options off of powerline, while Wulf only has a few.

So I’d like to see him get a forward flip that ends in a double claw strike. It’s an opener, it hits overhead, and holding the button down while he’s flipping makes him land and go straight in to Overpower.

It gives a very slight amount of meter barely noticeable even at level 4 maybe 1/4 a bar or less.

I’d give raam and eagle some new AD’s and linkers. They feel barebones ATM.
Jago his laser sword and different coloured fireballs.
I love the kilted tusk suggestion.
Non stage characters to get a home of their own.
New nunchucks for Kim and different coloured main jacket.
A zitz and pimple costume/accessories pack for rash.
Full suite of ultimates and orchid/Maya/Mira to get some new looks or tricks

I think that’s Eagles linkers and AD are fine. I don’t agree with Raam however due to the amount of damage he does wth his combos. Adding a new factor can really make him me extremely powerful. Too powerful if you ask me.

Then it’s not really a battery ender since I could get more battery of of any ender. I was more referring to something such as Jago’s fireball ender

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It’s more than his other enders but I know what you mean. I would have to go check exactly how much it gives though.

A move is too simple…

For me, i’d give Sadira a Spider-Girl outfit, in a world where Marvel wouldn’t blink an eye.