If you could add something to an existing character

Hey guys, just had a neat idea, and thought it might be a great jumping-off point for a new topic:
One move, one animation, one accessory, one color, whatever…if you could add one thing to an existing character, post it here.

For me, an ender animation for Shago…would likely be best for a knock-down or juggle ender… he turns the jagged edge of his sword to face his opponent, pauses for a second so you can see him set up, and then just pulls it back against them like a ripcord to send the opponent in a spinning arc similar to the start of Aria’s stage Ultra.


Fulgore - Add the full screen version of his anti air laser (while also keeping the horizontal laser).

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Giving a recapture to omen and Sadira.


Give Hisako an option to parry while airborne…must have full wrath (of course):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Malfunctioning hover - Kilgore uses his propellers in legs and arms to fly, but due to his malfunctioning nature he minimally hovers above ground. Crushes lows and every attack from this position is overhead.


I’d give Shago, Spinal and Eyedol a Terror Skin.


Give RAAM a use for light emergence, perhaps something that can apply a swarm from full screen but does not inflict hitstun/blockstun, kind of like a pyrobomb

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this kinda rebounds off of the post a little, but i would LOVE to see a different color shadow attack cloud for each fighter… and periodically, maybe have the colors go from one fighter to the next… the black and purple colors are used in every fighters shadow clouds, the way its set up now, its like, if you’ve seen one shadow attack cloud, you’ve seen them all… more variety in this area would make the game so much more stunning, visually…

Shadow Jago retro costume.



I didn’t make the meme.

I think kev did though.

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I would condense Kilgore and Fulgore into one character. And do the same with Hisako and Shin Hisako. Give Fullgore a move which changes his hands from blades to guns, giving him Killgore’s move set. And make Hisako’s instinct move pulling out her sword becoming Shin Hisako.

If any of y’all played.mkx give Maya Cassie’s back cartweel move. It think that would be fun in juggles.

All I want is for Eagle to get a command grab, something similar to Thunder’s grab. Maybe something where he grabs you with the rope of his bow, flips over you, throws you over his shoulder, and stomps on your face with a eagle CAW! It would be kinda OP however, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless.


I’d also give Tusk a kilt


I would give sabrewolf something dark magic related in his moveset. A part of his bio. That isn’t really represented a lot. Probably an additional aspect of his instinct that magically imbue his claws giving him a slight range increase on his normals but a bigger one on his specials and his run cancel attacks

Orchid, Cinder, Eyedol, General Raam, Rash, Arbiter, Spinal, Gargos, Kim Wu, Eagle, Omen, Shin Hisako and Kan-ra - Ultimates

Combo- Retro outfit from KI1 or an accessory set that lets me give him actual boxing gloves back.

Maya- Terror skin

Tusk- Sledgehammer weapon accessory (because that’s the only hammer I can think of that’s long like a sword, club or turnbuckle pole) so that I can make him kinda Thor-ish or Triple H-ish with the belt and boots.

Mira- An original or remixed stage (she has everything else, and I can’t think of a move change that would weaken or overpower her, so let me continue to dream of City of Dusk).

Sadira - Accessory that lets her use her mask like in the tease and her fellow lady assassins have.

Thunder- 3rd color (green color) for his Legend of Thunder costume’s pants.

Sabrewulf- Terror skin.

Aganos- An almost all white (and whatever secondary color would look good with white and fit the theme) color for him for a Winter Aganos. Like his retro color 5, but for his leaves instead of his metal. We have colors that seem like spring, summer and fall to me already, so why not have his Terror skin be a snowy white Winter? Color 4 with Glacius’s stage lighting is close, but I’d have his leaves look snow covered or colored and his metal be more greyer or darker to contrast.

Aria- The ability to do either a swooping Gargos like attack or Eagle’s bird’s dive bomb attack from her flight animation.

Glacius- Body accessory for his retro so that we can have a full wood Glacius. I want Grootcius.

Jago - Terror skin.

Riptor - Different colors for her cheerleader outfit, I guess? (I really don’t know. She already has all the extras like Ultimates, gold and terror skins and retros, and I don’t play her enough to know of a move change I’d like for her).

Fulgore - Air laser that hits in different areas depending on strength of button used like in KI2. Basically a normal non-shadow one laser version of laser barrage.

Kilgore and Shago- Retro costume

Hisako - I agree with full wrath air parry.

Basically, most characters I just want to see get either their Ultimates, a Terror or a Retro if they don’t have them already, but I’m pretty happy with most characters move wise, save for one or two things I think would be neat to experiment with.



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Give Thunder an Anti-Air grapple.

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