If there's a new KI for the next xbox one x

You don’t have to stick to the current combo breaking mechanic. What makes KI is the characters. Sabrewulf, Spinal, fulgore, boxer, glacius, orchid, thunder and ninja jago (too bad they remove the orignal awesome looking flying kick move)

… hopefully some form of combo breaking mechanic or it wouldn’t be Killer Instinct, would be perfectly fine with the same as it is now


What would you suggest?

Which one are you referring to? =)

Jagos old wind kick.

So basically you don’t want combo breaking?

The combo breaking mechanic is the only thing I’d want preserved.


But are we talking about this KI? or the first 2? I haven’t play S1 , didn’t know it was changed.


Without Combo Breakers, KI wouldn’t be KI. They have to stay in


If I remember right the original wind kick animation looked awkward with a fully 3d model so after trying it with the new jago and witnessing this they proceeded to refer to KI2 Tusk’s wind kick as a reference for the KI13 Jago. If they ever did another new game and actually pulled off that high legged kick he had in the originals that would be rad and all, but I can totally see how it would look kinda bizarre.
I wish I could recall where I read this, it was so long ago, so I can’t really verify the validity of this claim :confused:

He actually used to execute the windkick from the onset the glide across the screen stuck in the final kick position… it would be goofy now, but man did I love it… same with the sweep kick… MY BELOVED SWEEPKICK

oh the combos linking wind & sweep were my thing, any idea why the Sweep kick didn’t make it? I know people would been screaming Nerf Jago if he still had that ability

If i remember right, if you blocked that windkick, didn’t Jago literally bounce up and backwards in that same extended leg animation?

The X1X plays the same games. Why would they make a new one? They would be better off making one for the next gen, and using it as a release title. Just like this one.

To the OP: Let me name a few things that completely define KI and KI wouldn’t be the same without:

  • It’s Unique characters (Jago, Orchid, Fulgore, Glacius, to name a few)
  • Combo Breakers
  • Ultras
  • Crazy-looking stages
  • Kick-a*s music (Tusk and Arbiter’s themes are, ahem, godlike)
  • (in the event someone wants to add on to my list go ahead)

The combo system needs to remain the same. Opener-auto/manual-ender with combo breakers, that absolutely needs to stay. Like SF and NRS have their styles, this is integral to KI’s.

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The new xbox will have a tweaked version
of KI for HiDef.

Changing ANY thing else would be stupid,
especially the combo system.

Threads like this crack me up.
People playing KI and think its
Tekken or something, maybe

Yeah. It does. Breaking is a main part of killer instincts meta. Always has been

So it’s been 2 days since i bought the DE from the windows store, but everytime i launch the game everything it’s still locked. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, and launching it with the xbox app, but, i’ve got the same result. It is highly appreciated if someone could help me.

Make sure you login to windows with the Microsoft account
you made the purchase with. Try re-setting the apps store.

It’s most likely a problem on Microsofts part.
Contact them with proof of payment if need be.

also make sure your online when playing the
game or no content.

Good luck.


I am logged with the accounte i bought the game and i’ve tryed to contact them 2 times in both of those times no one helped me. But i didnt tryed re-setting the app store. How do i do that?