If Season 3 does well please make season 4

I know its a little early to suggest this but I think we should tell them their is a demand for more and we do not want them to stop. If it sells poorly I understand they would not want to continue but if it does well why not continue. Sony has SFV and will most likely updating it for quite a long time, why not do the same with KI have it last the whole console gen or until it becomes unprofitable?

What do you guys think?


I think you are looking WAY to early in the future. Let’s dial it back, see how well this season is.

I would prefer season 4 to be new features and game modes rather than new characters, not sure what the pricing model would be on that though.

I disagree, well slightly I think its not that early to make this suggestion. If I made it a month or two after season 3 launched IG would either already be planning it or moving on to a new project. Maybe making this a week before launch would be better, but after launch and most companies are already moving people on to the next project.

Thats why I made it now so people can show they want more.

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Depends on how successful Season 3 is. If people buy the game and the community and enthusiasm for the game grows am sure they would add another season.

Def would love to see a Season 4

Bumping now since season 3 is out now to see if people want this.

I want a season 4 and I want them to focus on sexy skins for female characters. I also want unrealistic female figures dunno why its such a bad thing for some people I mean its a video game.

S3 was kinda underwhelming. But does not mean that they should abandon a S4 if S3 does not do good.

I think a S4 would do better than a S3.

Microsoft are not going the sexy route. If they did then orchid and kim wu would have butt floss.

eeew I hate butt floss crap.

When I say sexy I mean clothed. Like Cat Woman etc no butt showing.

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Definitely want a 4th season! I’m really hoping that PC fans embrace it and the it sells well in general so that we can get more of this game.

I want KI4! I’m kinda getting sick of the seasons. I want a full game with all the character’s included day one.

If they do make a season4, I’d like for it to only be about feature updates like Ultimates, new stagtes etc. Whatever it was that we didn’t get as a thing in season3.

If Eyedol doesn’t come in season3 he should be the only character coming in season4, we already have a bunch of amazing characters to pick from now once season3 is over. And I say IF!

I disagree. Unless of course the roster contains No guests. I think the Ultimates are over-do now at this point and I don’t think there’s too many things they can come up with now without making some clones. The roster is already very diverse there’s practically a style for everyone at this point.

Really the only reason is certain character tropes haven’t come in and that’s it. But that’s ascetic level.

Season 4 should be focusing on features in my opinion.

Style of character is different to game play. I they can find a game play or come up with new game play mechanics for character, THEN they can build around it.

Personally I think we have enough characters in KI. More than any of it’s predecessors.