If Riptor looks like Primal Rage, Tusk will look like Weaponlord

I think it’s all set. Riptor looks like Primal Rage’s Talon in an homage to the 90’s series, satisfying the people who liked retro games, the people who likes guest characters, and (most) of the people who liked original Riptor. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Now, on Tusk. It came clear to me today. 20th anniversary of WeaponLord, James Goddard on the team… Tusk two months away. Think about it.

It’s the same with Riptor. You think Conan-y Tusk is outdated? Do you like retro games? Do you like Weaponlord? Problem solved. Tusk is your man.

I think Bane and Korr are our men. Tusk may looks similar to them.


Im okay with this happening

WeaponLord characters are cool.

didnt he already?

Well… OG Tusk was just Arnold. He lacked skulls, spikes and warpaint