If KI Characters had Facebook

I was bored, so I happened to do these. Hope you like them. :laughing:

If you want to make your own, click the link here below:


Hmmmm I like it.

I approve.

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Hilarious. Wonder what Riptor would be? probably like someone’s pet I’d take it.

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Nah, it’d be like 1 of those cute cat videos on YouTube, except with a bit more gore… :wink:

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Since you folks liked it, I made another batch of pics! Hope you like them! :wink:


@UltraZeroX7 Can you do one where Cinder shared a post on a video of a Maury show episode of teenagers doing out-of-control things and what not? That would be hilarious on what the other fighters’ reactions would be. I’m also liking this thread.

As much as you want to see one, sadly, the FB Status Generator I’m using supports only images, so yeah.

These are SO funny! Kan Ra taking selfies! My goodness not even my mom can do that!

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Darn. Well, at least I tried shrugs

I love these You need to make more!

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Really amusing I must say

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Back for more…I guess.


I love Fulgore and Kilgore brother meme. XD

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@UltraZeroX7 How were you able to get the pictures because I’m thinking about doing these FB generator things as well

What do you mean? Is it the pictures being placed in the fake FB posts?

Yeah, pretty much

Do you see the red circle there? That itself will allow you to place an image in the fake post.

Okay, thanks

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No problem.

Oh my god TJ XD

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