If I own the Physical S1 Disc, can I play as the S1 characters on the W10 Version?

Sorry if this has been answered, I couldn’t find anything.

So I own the physical edition of Killer Instinct (Season 1), the one that came with TJ Combo as a bonus. From my understanding, I can only access the Season 1 characters if I have the disc in my Xbox One, right?

So does that mean I can’t play as the Season 1 roster on PC without rebuying them? If so, That’s kind of a bummer, and honestly feels like crossbuy hasn’t been very well thought out. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my question!

the physical season 1 disc case only contains a code that can be redeemed on Xbox live (no actual disc), so yes it works for the PC version.

Except I have a Killer Instinct disc.

Xbox discs can’t be read by PC. so no.

I know. It was more of a question of Phsyical owners getting some sort of code or something. :\

If you have used the disc on Xbox, then you should be able to download and play the game for free on PC and have access to your save file. Just like everyone else.

Ah, that’s good. Thanks for the response!