If Eyedol can't have a club because of Aganos

How would you feel about giving him a huge mace or flail instead?

Granted I want him to have his bigass club back, I think this is the next best thing if that isn’t an option.
Maybe a double flail, one for each of his heads? Just with HUGE spiked balls, instead of little ones.


Those both sound good. The Flail Especially! I don’t think the flail has been used much in fighting games, so that would give him a unique touch.

Offtopic: This is like some odd flashback to the Evolve forums :neutral_face:

Well they are the same format now. :laughing:

As far as the flail, it could be incredibly over-sized and hit like a truck.

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True but Adam Isgreen has implied that it might be a conflict, guess we’ll just have to see what they want to do.

Why not, lasso in fire or double lasso for Eyedol

Holy guacamole (cant say cr ap) this sounds badass! Just imagine a big two-headed giant kicking as- …bum wielding one of these bad boys! Now that this post exists I think Id rather Eyedol wield picture 2 than his club.

Golly gee willikers! I too think this idea is swell. I, sure as gosh, hope Eyedol comes back.

Ooh, wild fan speculation: Aganos, and other golems/creations of similar origin, were inspired by visions of a divine being seen by their Babylonian creators – a divine being which turns out to be Eyedol. :open_mouth:

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Damn I’m glad to see this man here in the new forums.


The club isn’t Aganos’s primary weapon so I doubt it would affect Eyedol having something which his character is built around.

Creative director Adam Isgreen had said at one point that it might, I’m hoping they could overcome that but I’d like to put ideas out there so he doesn’t wind up with a sword or something just in case.

Mace of Molag Bal anyone?


Exactly, scale it up twenty times and let him loose! That’s the idea though, some freaky gigantic spiked ball of death.

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Yeah I like this one, or something very barbaric and primitive - big wooden club with a bunch of dirty nails/spikes facing different directions. Hopefully Eyedol makes a return, and hopefully the weapon can be a changeable accessory.

Poor Logrolf. :frowning:

Well, I think nobody mentioned it, but what about dual wielding?

Two maces, one mace and a club, one big mace in stance 1, split it in two in stance 2…

Eyedoll’s club is without the range of of Aganos’ and not very nuanced for constant use. They’re not really similar.

Eyedoll can have a club with much short range and without the projectile nature of itself.