Ideas for Ultimates

While I’m not a fan of fatalities as they’re done in Mortal Kombat, I am interested in seeing Ultimates make a return. It would add an element of excitement to offline matches and tournament streams to see people bust out ultimates on their rivals and add some hype drama to the KI scene.

Obviously the Ultimate animations should be unique for each character and suited to their personality. I’ve got a few ideas for animations I’d like to see.

TJ Combo: clinches the opponent in his hands and delivers a series of brutal strikes to their cranium, bashing their skull in with his fists and his head. He then runs offscreen for a moment, leaving them dazed and confused, and comes back carrying a KI2 arcade machine, which he then smashes them into the ground with.

Riptor: leaps onto the opponent and tears into them with her claws on both her hands and feet, then she pins them and stares at them for a moment. She opens her mouth wide; the camera goes into her mouth and fades to black. A loud burp is heard, and then Riptor is seen on the ground with a bloated and distended belly, her opponent nowhere in sight.

Rash: Grabs the opponent and faceplants them in the ground, then whistles and summons the other two Battletoads, Zitz and Pimple. A montage is shown of all three toads going to town on Rash’s opponent, wailing on them with anvils, hammers, drills, boots and all sorts of cartoony weapons. Rash delivers a final big bad boot which sends the opponent flying into the screen, breaking the glass. The opponent falls offscreen with a 5000 point bonus indicator, and all three toads strike a cool pose. Battletoads “stage clear” music plays.

The next ones I’m going to post are another idea I have: Ultimates tied to specific costume parts. It would be cool if you could pull this off.

Retro Costume Maya: In a callback to her original No Mercy move in KI2, first she kicks the opponent a short distance away from her, then touches her tiara which shoots out a mystical red beam that shrinks the opponent to the size of an ant. Maya approaches them with a naughty grin and does something extra depending on which button is pressed: if a punch is pressed, she picks them up and crushes them in her palm, or kidnaps them by placing them in a satchel and carrying them off; if a kick is pressed then she stomps on the opponent like a bug.

Voltron Jago: Can only be done if all accessories are Jagotron. Jago uppercuts the opponent into space, and then a VHS film grain effect appears on the screen as anime music starts playing. Jago hovers his hand over his laser sword and says something like “I shall vanquish all evildoers with my blade!”. He leaps into space after the opponent and delivers a series of brutal slashes to them with his laser sword, after which he runs through them, and the opponent goes up in a giant cel-shaded explosion with a saturn ring effect. Jago stands in front of the explosion with some Japanese text appearing on the bottom of the screen (when translated, says the name of the move, or simply says “ULTIMATE”).

What do you guys think?


I don’t think they’ll even have Ultimates for everyone but if they did, these are some neat ideas. Not sure how much depth they’re willing to go based on programming specefic parts but if they would only have all characters get an Ultimate down the road.

Now THIS is am Ultimate thread I can get behind… where dreamers can dream their arse off.

Hisako - I think the rhythm/strikes could be slow, lumbering even. There’s gotta be some sick grab in there somewhere. It would be sweet if it ended with a long Possession bone-breaking session, and when the re-materializes, she’s perched on her Naginata (which has its blade sunk into the ground) looking creepy as all get-out.

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If I had been in higher spirits I to would be imagining Ultimates right now, but sadly I feel those will just go to waste. But hey I’ll try my best not to bring this whole topic down, have fun folks, hopefully I can add to this topic sometime down the road…IF things change.

Looking forward to reading your ideas, whenever you happen to be ready for that :smiley:

I unlocked an acheivement from Shago called “ULTIMATE” 'destroy a foe with Shago’s Ultimate" I fear that is HIGHLY concerning…

I think it’s wasteful of them to create an “ULTIMATE” voice clip and visual effect for just one character.

Ultimates are bound to be in the game sooner or later. The fact that just one character has it already means that Ultimates are already in the game. Therefore there are going to be others.

So in the meantime, let’s dream and toss ideas back and forth. Maybe it’ll rub off on the devs and they’ll see that it’s too cool NOT to do.

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Here’s another one I thought of:

Cinder: Detonates a pyrobomb close to the opponent, knocking them onto their back. He flies up into the air and starts tossing pyrobombs onto the opponent by the dozen, quickly amassing a gigantic pile of them. He then turns to the camera and says, “one loser, extra crispy!” and detonates all the pyrobombs at once. Camera cuts to a view of the Earth from low orbit, showing the resulting explosion on the surface, visible from space.


I like this idea, but I would also like to see something like: opponent impailed by tail and thrown across the map, from the other side of the screen riptor charges and leaps toward opponent with mouth open. Opponent squirms and flails his limbs with his head down riptor throat when she does another flip throw. Only the body goes flying, riptor swallows the head, and then goes to mangle the corpse.

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here is one I thought of

Kim Wu: she kicks her opponent to the ground and follows up with a dragon dance kicking the opponent’s head under ground then jumps up landing on her opponent’s spine snapping it with a stomp bruce lee style

I’d rather not have much gore.

This one seems really interesting.

Considering how they do Ultimates I doubt limbs would even get torn. One idea I ehrd that seems like fun: Riptor calls on her pack and maul the opponent or something cool like that.