Ideas for MKX Sequel

With MKX almost going to a close, how would you picture MK11?

  • What revenants to bring back to life after Jax & Sub-Zero?

  • Which of MKX’s new characters need to go? And those to leave for a while?

  • How would you fix the story mode next game?

  • What new characters would you picture to be brought out?

  • Don’t mind who gets brought back as a revenant.

  • All of them, except erron black, kotal kahn and maybe takeda.

  • Make it more like the mkx comic book and not like what we got in-game.

  • The one being should finally appear.

I’m not so sure we’re close at all to a “close” to MKX; we still have DLC characters unreleased, and the game has been out for less than a year.

. So long as Quan Chi is dead they will most likely remain revenats but if they do the obvious thing and revive him then I would guess Kung Lao, Smoke and Sindel…Sindel would be good like in the classic timeline, Kung Lao would try to stop Liu and Smoke allied with Sub again

. Jaquie, Kung Jin…all of the Kids sadly (I don’t like them much) I want all the outworld crew to return

. Make power levels of characters consistent (aka no johnny beating shinnok) Street fighter seems to be the only franchise which keeps powers consistent



Mustard and Ketchup, or Blue Cheese. Or an entire new dressing.

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I just need Sindel. That’s like leaving Orchid out of KI 5.



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I don’t care what they do at this point with the story, I totally lost interest after MKX. I just hope the roster is more interesting next time and the game play stays fun.

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Same here. With mkx, the mk franchise has finally lost my interest, story-wise.

Might reply some more at a later time but for now…
Sheeva is a must!