Idea about S3 pro medals

As KI will open up to a larger public in S3, I feel like it would be pretty nice to lock the current pro medals and call them like “Legacy Medals” with a different color or something similar. That way those who got their medals before the PC release would be easily recognizable as supporting and playing the game since S2. What do you guys think?

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That’s kind of already happening with the Pro Stars

Won’t the current pro medals stay the same though?

Yes it will show on the opponents name.

Sorry if it got confusing, my suggestion is to have a new type of medal along with the “Legacy Medal”. The new type would be still acquirable while the Legacy one wouldn’t

Oh. I got confused too. What is the new medal for?

In my suggestion the new medal would work just like current pro medals, gained by being on the top 32

So you want to RETIRE s2 medals?

Medals gained in S2 would turn into Legacy medals IE with a different color or effect

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I have been playing since S1 and never got a pro medal so if I get one after the reset people won’t know. I think a better idea is a name plate or a profile taunt that says “All seasoned veteran” or something like that doesn’t have to be that word for word. I think that woukd be a little more fair seeing how the only way to get a pro medal is to grind every single day and win or just go undefeated lol.

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Good Idea as well

With the ability to reset your rank to qualifier in Season 3, I think it would be nice if they added another kind of metal that would signify how many times you made the climb. It could be called the “Adept Medal” or something.

No, this would encourage people to reset ranks a lot. Resetting rank is meant for those who think they got to high on the rankings by getting lucky or something.


I disagree with any form of content that your locked out of based on when you bought the game, it always results in situation that make people who support the game later feel left out. A timed item is fine, that wu you are rewarded for your support but if they stick with it they can get the item in the future as well.

It’s never a positive thing to include stuff like this as the new players feel like they were left out and get pushed away.

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That’s actually a really good point.

Very good point