I would have loved and and still hope to see

A level for Rash with a stage ultra that involves Zitz and Pimple. And gear/colors for Rash that transform him into Zitz and Pimple. A level for Raam with a stage ultra involving a brumak. A level for Mira with a stage ultra. And finally Eagle as a playable character. If season 4 is out of the question and not going to happen then imo to have all this would just complete the game for me. Icing on the cake so to speak.


…unless I’m mistaken I thought Rash already had Zitz and Pimple colors?

Anyway, I still hope we get all if that as well. Who knows what’s in store…we’ll just have to stay tuned.

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I hope so too.

It’s cool that they’re adding more skins. I’d love to see new and unique gear sets also. I didn’t know that Zitz and Pimples colors were present. I’ll have to compare what’s in game to their colors. Thanks!