I wonder if IG could do a sucessful reboot of the the originals and improve some things

With just the original characters I wonder if this company can pull off a reboot. Then again the ultimates are kind of depressing in this current one. They need to add more boards in this current one and some pumped music. I personally like TJ combos music and kim wu’s. This game gets rebalanced so many times that it’s not that fun to play as much. I guess the winers must catch all the attention. The ultimates in this game is like ■■■■ hitting someone with soft sounds of each hit.

i mean they could but…some people…(Specifically ME) really likes the music in the game…and i especially like the developers persistence in keeping the game as balanced as possible removing key bugs/glitches and broken characters like season 1 sadira and etc. even if it may seem like to much im fine with a character slightly over-nerfed then buffed out eventually over time than something that could have potentially become bad for the game if lleft alone

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looks around

Uhhh… they DID.


If whiners get all the attention then prepare for a shitstorm of inbound attention coming your way :wink:

Not sure how anyone could say the music in this version of KI isnt as good as the classic KI…pphhphhh…OK

What do you mean not as fun when it goes through rebalancing? I had this game from day one and I found it to be a very special thing to watch a game grow as much as it has done, and each time the game always felt like new. I’m still enjoying KI and I say its not over yet and its too soon for a reboot.

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Yeah the graphics on the OLD game not this current one. And if you like all the music hey that’s great. It was just a suggestion. Why is there a forum for a fighting game anyway? So people can keep asking for the game mechanics to change on a character since they can’t fight the other person to begin with? There is a part of this forum that people post whatever they like and lame crap. That should be a sign that having a forum on a fighting game is a waste of time. You guys have fun enjoying the same music, boards, and duplicate characters and enjoy the game as a simpleton would. But sorry for such suggestions but I’m not sorry.



Eh, Ultimates are a matter of opinion. Not everyone likes them, but I don’t think the devs intend to please everyone. There’s too many people wanting them to go in too many different directions…from MKX-level gore to just getting rid of all finishers so they can hurry up and jump into the next fight…to please everybody. So instead they went with what they thought looked cool, wasn’t too difficult and time-consuming to make, and made sense for the character’s backstory.
Music…eh, I like it, not so much since season 3, but still, different strokes for different folks.
As far as rebalancing is concerned…I could see it an issue for someone that maybe played it a bit during season 1, figured out a few tactics that worked for them, and then moved in to season 3 thinking they would get the same results they did in season 1 only to find out their season 1 character was OP and now he’s balanced and they can’t get away with unbreakable vortices, but for those of us that have been keeping up it’s not that big of a deal. For the most part we just roll with the nerfs and buffs, adapt and get better, try new stuff.
As far as whiners…not really. I suppose it depends on how you whine.

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I don’t understand the hostility. I genuinely don’t understand what you’re getting at. I think I kind of understand now, but I didn’t at first. Soz man, didn’t mean to upset you.

Like KI2 is dated and pixelated. Even if it had the option like halo master chief edition where you could toggle the old and the new. But it’s just a code masters port over of the arcade. So I guess I should have mentioned it as the classics so not to confuse. I like the new KI but I think it needs some more boards and music. The ultimates with some character sounds like soft love taps.

I’d say it’s more that Ultimates are cosmetic accessories. Let’s face it, they don’t actually affect or improve real gameplay, like the accessories. We already had an Ultra Ender, which only affected gameplay by having a way to guarantee victory off a hit confirm when your opponent is at or below 15% health. The flashy animations that come afterwards, including Ultimates, don’t really matter since they don’t do damage or provide set up. The match, and ergo the game, is over at that point.

That’s something I don’t think people understand. Characters matter. Rebalanced/reworked moves matter. Game modes and modifiers kind of matter. Stages, accessories, Ultimates, theme music, etc absolutely do not matter. They’re just icing on top of the mechanics that actually impact whether you win or lose and how you play. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the stuff that doesn’t matter just like everyone else does, because I like IG’s style. But I think too many people are placing too much importance and basing their opinions solely around things that don’t actually matter.

And as far as rebalancing goes, I think that is an issue of what gamers claim they want vs. what they actually want. People claim they want innovation and improvement. People always puff up their chests and say developers don’t do anything original or listen to the gamers anymore. And yet, we see time and time again more of the same outsells and outlasts the new and innovative. People who play fighting games have always claimed they want developers to support and continue working on games for balance and additional content, yet how many people have we seen in community throw a fit because IG is doing just that or outside community who have ignored the game because it “changes too much” or because it would be too much to learn or maintain. People don’t want new ideas and improvement on the old ones. They want re-released games and annual updates. But saying that sounds, and is, rightfully stupid so they save face by claiming they want developers to innovate and try something new.

1-This is the reboot.
2-The music is great, it actually syncs with
the ultimate’s combo. even the menu music is great.

Your just being nostalgic.

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I agree.