I wish......poll

I really wish that the next character would be a FEMALE or a BEAST but not male please, anyway there are more characters to come after this one. exactly 4-5 more then the game will end s, so don’t panic there wil always be others male characters lol

and what about you guyz?

remember this pool is just for fun

  • MALE

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Female beast… fapfap.


Great… now we’ll get Ursula the sea witch! :confused: :smiley:

You’re not the boss of me.

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Honestly don’t really have a preference. I mean, I kinda hope it’s Eagle, so I voted male, but I’m sure I’ll like whatever they decide on. :slight_smile:

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Don’t tell me how to live my life

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i say beast, we could always use more monsters in KI. i dont care if its male or female, just make the fighter good and fun to play!


A female that transforms into a beast Bloody Roar style. African werecat lion priestess


An all-new beast creature as part of the current KI roster/cast of characters in AND for KI all the way for me here :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

no source but open your eyes and it wil be so obvious that this game is only at 3/4 of the way.

I’d love more females but I think it’s obvious the character is gonna be eagle


A female beast :yum:

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All of the above…wait wut?

seems like we dont like male character that much for the next onelol , girls power! beast female for me too

Snails are Hermaphroditic so that character concept mollusk would count as “all of the above”

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We got a non-human, we got a female, so I think the third should be male.

It almost even (iffy about Mira tho)

Tho it would be awesome to have a suited double 0 agent

I don’t like female characters in fighters since that day at the arcades where a guy told me : " you are a girl so pick a female fighter".

I hated people telling me what to pick because I was a little girl, and most guys would play Orchid that time in KI and not just because she was top tier.

Till today my nephew (who doesn’t like fighters) asks me why some guys pick female characters instead of males to play. My “duh face” then.
Gosh, fighters aren’t about gender, there’s soooo much more involved.