I will switch my Main to Kim Wu If

I will switch my main from Riptor to Kim Wu if she has a pet dragon.

You know how in Banjo-tooie you can transform kazooie into a little Dragon? Well, that’s a thing. So now I’m imagining Kim Wu wearing a backpack with a dragon in it lol

Having a pet dragon would be cool. I’d switch to Kim Wuu if she is anything like how cool and creative Sadira and Hisako are. The last two are a little too similar to my tastes so hopefully she is a lot more unique visually.

Modern Culture references would be nice like a nod to Kpop or those Korean dance groups that are a rave right now in Korea. If her taunt did one of those famouse dances it would be day one for me on season 3.

Am gonna guess the Kim will have fire abilities since the dragon theme. Hope she is as cool as mai shiranui in that she becomes an icon for the game.



Count me in now too :sunglasses:

Why give a mini dragon to Kim… Wait! Her projectile can be shaped as a dragon head! Besides, don’t you think its better leave that dragon stuff for the potential guests Drew and his big dragon Thuban from scalebound?

Lol if the dragon instinct is like orchids jaguar, the oriental dragon in xianghua stage in scv where ten people under the dragon kite

itd be awesome if this pet dragon could set traps and help her transport or fire projectiles and swallow fireballs. or her dragon could do crazy mixups and recaptures or do special combo enders. like she can attack with or without pet dragon

lol Like that’ll happen.


That sounds kind of dumb.


Please Keits make it happen!

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Dragon? If the dragon is another fighter, I wouldnt mind Lol

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The ONLY way I see a separate dragon spirit is if it’s summoned like ORchid’s jaguar

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I have 3 times now read the title of this thread too fast and thought it had said:

“I will switch my main to Kim Wulf”

Now THERE’S a mental picture for ya: Kimwulf. Sabrewu.

now we wait for ■■■■■■ DeviantArt posts of that mashup

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very dumb indeed.