I will buy KI again...on Steam

If I buy SFIV four times, VF5 and DoA5 three times, SfxT and KOF13&14 two times,etc, etc., for multiple platforms, it’s only fitting that I buy KI once more.

Thanks and here’s :wine_glass: to the future of KI.


Great to see that KI is coming to steam, dere. But how good will the sales rate be in steam?

Its going to be interesting for sure, the game is going to reach more people than it ever has before.

I’m sure there will be plenty of hate but honestly the game has a big opportunity ahead.

I fear for the playerbase though. considering that owners of the Steam version are not only seperated from XBox players but also from PC players who use the windows store version. so far the game has a united player base, probably not anymore when the Steam version comes.


We’ll just have to wait and see, for all we know they might find a way to pull it off. Microsoft has been pulling strings to bridge gaps and make their games truly cross platform lately.

How do you know that, though?

I don’t. I only know that so far no game on Steam uses the XBox infrastructure and I suppose Valve doesn’t allow it. maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see crossplay happening with the Steam version. of course I hope it happens though, that would be great.

Crossplay between Xbox and Steam is already a thing. It’s just that not many developers bother taking advantage of it.

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do you have any example for it? only thing that comes to mind is Rocket Leage which uses its own multiplayer infrastructure unlike KI.

a recent negative example is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which is both available on Steam and Windows store. the two versions are incompatible though.

Well they’re managing to make Minecraft cross-platform for a multitude of different devices, I doubt all of them use the Xbox infrastructure so I’m sure they could manage to make the Steam version fit into the puzzle somehow.

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fingers crossed!

(complete sentence)

This concerns me to, which is why I hope there will be cross platofrm for XBL and Steam

If the steam version is easy to mod, which has been virtually impossible in other versions, then I’m willing to bet people will get it for that alone.

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To mod the retros. I vote a huge yes on that, dere.

Wouldn’t the game be a crossbuy with the steam version? I would love to activate my definitive edition on steam too :slight_smile:

yeah with rocket league… the game is officially full of cheaters… they also patched against them because the steam version can modify everything. check google…

they should seperate it or it should be a win10 only version with ms’ anti-cheat software like the store version. (most steamplayer are already win10 users, see steam’s monthly hardware survey) but this would mean no win7 version, what isn’t the case.
so it will use VAC, Punkbuster or nothing.

and i bet, that it needs not a week until i lose my rank because of a cheater, hacker or whatever. they will create themself thousands shadow worms or other bullshit. and who knows what happens to versus.

i’m fine with a seperated version, they should earn more money, but they shouldn’t destroy a well working “cosmos”.

there are 2 kinds of people at steam. guys who want a steam version of a game because they can get very cheap game keys through stores. and guys who want a steam version of a game because they can modify it.

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If the Steam version does not require windows 10 to be played then i’d certainly buy it just so that i can go back to 7

Also many people are hesitant to install W10 only as a requirement for some games, because they simply do not need to upgrade, so it would be a chance to reach to more people.

Minecraft isn’t on Steam and even the Windows Store version isn’t (or ever going to be) compatible with the original Java release for PC, so not a good example.

The only game I know of with Steam/Xbox support is Rocket League. PS4 has Street Fighter V, but they created a whole separate thing for it.

Windows Store games have a history of not being crossplay with Steam (CoD: IW, Halo Wars: DE) as well. It just seems unlikely.

It being crossbuy is even more unlikely, as Steam wants you to buy it on Steam so they get their 30% cut of the purchase.

I’d buy the game again, but probably only one character.