I want the Ultimate Source Color 10s in a purchasable bundle

Since atlantic ocean is so big and shipping needs so much money, could those ultimate source colors be in a separate bundle or become a shadow lords achievement? Just saying.


Can you please change the title to give some hint of what the thread is about?


If i have your permittion, no, i cannot.

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What do you have to gain from using a deliberately vague title, instead of being helpful and writing “Please make the Ultimate Source bonus colors unlockable via gameplay” or something similar? The devs read every suggestion anyway, do you think it does your post a greater service to make passers-by read your full post to know whether it concerns them or not?


I would love to all exclusive colors be purchasable at some point in time.

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Because i have my plans for the thread. If you don’t like threads without clear content don’t see them. Nobody forces you to see them.

Yes, they are out fot about a year, i think they made their circle. If they don’t put them ingame now, we will never have them.

Do you not see the problem with this? What if your thread was extremely relevant to me?

On that note, it is kinda relevant to me: I have Ultimate Source figures for Jago, Wulf, Fulgore, and Shadow Jago, part of the reason for buying these figures was to get the exclusive skins, and I value that exclusivity even after acquiring said skins, so I would like to request that Microsoft not make the skins available via any other method.

Are you just terrible at interacting with other people in general? Does anyone in the entire world regard you as a nice person? You’re right: I’m not technically “forced” to read your threads, but it’s obnoxious of you to bring it to the point where that even has to be brought up.


is there any nice person having the opposite opinion from yours?[quote=“Fnrslvr, post:8, topic:18554”]
so I would like to request that Microsoft not make the skins available via any other method.

what a nice person.

and i don’t want to hurt your ‘‘exclusivity’’ feelings. i just want, as a b class customer, to be able to have them in a reasonable way.

and yes i am terrible at interacting with other people. i only want the devs to see.

Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t think they are going to release the colors independently. Ultimate source is still selling the figures (and the price is getting cheaper all the time), and they are planning to sell new ones in the future. So, decoupling the exclusive colors (which appear to be a real motivator for people to get the figures) is not just going to hurt sales of the current line, but probably the future line as well.


Plenty, but they tend to pose their opposing views in threads with appropriately-chosen titles.

Come on, dude, it’s not that hard.

Clickbait is weak.


NO… no you cannot have the U.S. colors separate from the figures. No, No and NO.
It will never happen.

Have a good day!

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America first

If you want the colors then buy the figures they come with… Thats the point of the extra character colors coming with the figures…

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The thing is that the figures cost 10 times more to come to europe. I can understand that is difficult for figures to be spread around the world. But the colors are digital. So an offer could be made. It is like street fighter gives you an extra color if you buy a street fighter kimono dress from japan. It is rediculous.

For now I dont see them offering these, since it would take away from the fact that they are considered exclusive to the figures, and that would defeat the whole purpose of someone who buys the figures getting an exclusive color with that figure… I understand what you are saying, and its understandable I just dont see them doing this unless its via purchasing some kind of special color pack they may eventually come out…

So, I’ve had a change of heart. Exclusivity means pretty much nothing to me, and I’m generally happier to see people able to access the things they want in life via some means or other. It’d be pretty neat to see those skins become purchasable online or earnable via gameplay.

That said, this isn’t like the Shago exclusivity problem, where exclusivity threatened the even playing field. If they’re going to put up barriers to obtaining any kind of content, I’d rather it be cosmetic stuff like skins. If these skins remaining exclusive helps Ultimate Source move figures, then that’s great, because they’re awesome figures and I want contributions to the KI franchise to be successful.

I do wish Ultimate Source would find a better deal on international shipping, though. I paid a lot of money to get my figures even though they were on sale for a steal at US$10 each.

Now you are a nice person. :stuck_out_tongue:

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