I thought the double xp didn't kick in until the 29th; EDIT, DOUBLE XP IS LIVE NOW

Yet I preordered the high priced ultra edition and suddenly I am getting double xp on my characters, did they flip the switch early?

Maybe just a tad.


Thanks for the quick response,thats pretty cool that you guys flipped the switch early.

Start grinding away!

I noticed. :smiley:
Not much use to me yet since I already got everyone maxed out, but in a few days I’m gonna be riding the super high way to the Season 3 Completionist’s Club!

Wait… do you… actually seem happy about something related to the Season 3 Ultra deal, Mr. Glass Half-Empty? :wink:


Will they flip the S3 character early? Hope so cause the wait for Tuesday feels like the longest 4 days of my life!

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In his defense, he’s actually quite supportive in other aspects.

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Do people that preorder get quadruple xp on double xp weekends or by using boosters?

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In order to get 4x xp, you need VIP + Booster + 2x weekend. The reason is, each booster is additive, and not multiplicative. Meaning, it’s 100% (base) + 100% (VIP) + 100% (booster) + 100% (weekend) = 400% total.

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Yeah I was surprised yesterday when the XP icons showed up.

Yeah, I’m just giving him a hard time. No harm intended.

Okay, maybe a little harm. :wink:

i notice it too i think one or 2 dys ago. All season 1 & 2 characters with the xpbonuslogo.

No way! Finishing my aria and thunder and glacius and jago NOW!!!


Edit: forgot I had Jago already at 50

Let’s GO!!!

Wait so do boosters stack on top of double xp?

For real, and after that Mira reveal… I’m dying for some season 3

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So its possible to get 300% then when there’s no weekend boost?

Yes, that is what I am doing as we speak. Trying to get the last couple fighters to lv 50 and finish off the achievements in time for S3

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