I think KI2013 would benefit a lot from Switch release

I think it’s possible to do. Wolfenstein, Doom 2016, many great games with advanced graphics have their ports on Switch already, and KI would benefit a lot from on-the-go version.

IIRC there are two fighting games on Switch right now: USF2 and ARMS. I think it would be good decision to use KI2013’s age to its advantage and cramp it on mobile console, filling this hole in the market, of course with graphical downgrades, but that’s the downside of mobile device.

MK9 got released on PS Vita, MK9 PC port was released two years after console versions, and IIRC these ports were profitable enough.

Consumers would have strong reasons to purchase it and give it some time to learn: accessibility and being the only modern FG on mobile device. This could spark some more interest in KI. Think about it, you could easily play with your friends IRL, or even organise improvised events thanks to this.

What are your thoughts?

It’s nice to want things but the IP is owned and published by Microsoft. MS needs to hold on for dear life to every lucrative console exclusive they have left and KI is one of the few left that holds weight. On top of that you’re just assuming the game could even run at a locked 60fps @ 720p on Switch…maybe, maybe not.

And it’s not a Minecraft situation where the game was established on multiple console BEFORE MS purchased the IP and all MS does is sit back and collect the $$$.

KI2013 is not exclusive anymore.

It’s CONSOLE exclusive…releasing on PC is way different than on Switch…

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