I think I'll be taking a break from the FGC/internet

I gladly spent over $100+ on KI over the past 3 years. I honestly do think it is a good game, but that isn’t why I spent to much money. I wasn’t just supporting the game, I was supporting MS and IG’s business practices! I am literally voting with my wallet and getting mostly what I want. That is why I love it! I never had that opportunity with any other game or developer.

Now with that out of the way… have you seen the crap Capcom tried to pull today??? https://np.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/comments/544tg5/warning_to_all_sfv_pc_players/?st=itfxrijw&sh=be23e5c6

Capcom is deceivingly installing rootkits and backdoors into your PCs. Yet you still see a lot of top players, streamers, and fans defend SFV and Capcom! Crap like this has been happening for literally a decade and people still throw their money at them.

I really don’t go out of my way to bash other games and communities but to hell with this crap. I’m sick of street fighter OGs talking down to other communities yet continue to kiss up to street fighter. They want to piss on Smash and KI, yet they accept the crap that Capcom pulls all the time.

Its even seeping into the KI community and its hard to ignore all of the BS.


MKX, DoA, GGXrd, KI, Smash, KoF, and even Rivals of Aether are better than SFV. It not just because of their hype gameplay. But it is because they listen to their communities, put out a quality product that all skill levels can enjoy, and don’t try to ■■■■■ you over. (Ok NRS f’d up the PC port of MKX, but at least they didn’t try to install malware on your PC).

Wake me up when SFV is dead.


(In all seriousness, that’s nuts! I feel bad for PC players!)


Ouch. This is very suck… :confused:

NRS is actually remaking the PC port with the new netcode, so that’s out of the question, now.

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Did you really have to link to 1 of my favorite artists? I’m wiping away tears here… :cry::ok_hand:


No, but seriously, Why is that necessary? Capcom didn’t really need to go and do THAT. That’s crazy! No program should be at a Kernel level. That’s basically reaching Malware level! :open_mouth:

Someone with the expertise could hack into your computer easily, and change EVERY file, since it’s part of System 32 apparently… :fearful:

On the positive side, Lots of People on Reddit are going to try other games until this is sorted out, and one that is mentioned a lot is KI. :slight_smile:


Goddamn crapcom.

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I swear this is going on HoH Presents: Salt #22

All the SF loyalists will pretend it isnt happening and as usual be stubborn about it and continue to hate on KI.

The hate for KI is so much worse than we all believe it to be. I just dont understand the elitism that the SF fan boys pull.

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It’s just because its Street Fighter and it has that legacy/recognition of being the godfather of fighting games. Most of them are in complete denial though lol I don’t hate SF (I play it sometimes) but yeah that community is probably the most biased apologetic fanbase I have ever seen.

Well other than Drake fans lol


I don’t think the SF community blindly defends Capcom, spending time in their forums they bash Capcom like crazy. Heck, many of them don’t actually like SFV, yet they’ll still play the game as their main game simply because it’s Street Fighter and it’s the most popular competitive game even though that would change if half of them actually stopped playing a game they didn’t like. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Alot of “pro” players play because that’s where the money is.

No money= no play for alot of them.

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Defending a dude who doesn’t write his own rhymes lol

SFV is mehh


Oh man, don’t even get me started on that nonsense lol add on top of that his constant sneak dissing, ducking people that can chew him out, his less than mediocre bars and rhyme schemes…just ugh lol just no.


I’m hoping I missed the whole ordeal. I haven’t been on SFV in a few days, so I’m hoping that download didn’t happen for me.

Yeah… uninstalled, deleted capcom.sys and really really hoping for the best. It’s a little funny because SONY got sued for pretty much the same thing not too long ago.

Oh, c’mon man. Jimmy was a decent drummer!

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Well, it’s apparently fixed now, so you can reinstall without fear now.

Well, judging by the topic’s title, you are “thinking” about it so I assume there is still a possibility that you’re not taking that break. If I may make an attempt: don’t take a break now from KI. The new patch was just released, lots of stuff to do, and of course, to talk about as well. So what better place to discuss than on this forum.

My attempt isn’t very convincing but it is genuine:)

(Also, Capcom just released a an update to correct that shady driver they installed on everyone’s PC. A lot faster than I thought ).


I’ve tried for many months to like the game - they finally brought back my childhood hero! - but, alas, for me, this is one of those “final nail in the coffin” deals. I can’t support that level of incompetence in a developer, nor can I trust that they’ll learn anything valuable from the experience. I won’t tell others that they’re wrong for enjoying the game or continuing to support it, but I certainly cannot do so myself.

Urien looked soooo fun too. Oh well, just means more mental space for KI and OW. I’m okay with that. Hell, maybe I’ll finally learn a MOBA.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can get your love back for it one day. :confused:

If going for a MOBA, there are a ton of good ones! I’d advise SMITE. It’s actually 3rd Person gameplay, rather than the Isometric view Mobas, and you get to play as Gods from all across History!

I play it on Xbox though >.>