I think adding more shadow characters is an awful idea for several reasons

Not because they wouldn’t look awesome or play great, I know IG could do a wonderful job with them but because Shadow Jago is kind of unique and adding more shadow characters would only serve to diminish the awesome gimmick that Shago has all to himself.

Plus then you have to figure out how to work them into the story, Shago’s plot is perfectly intertwined with Jago’s plot and it makes sense with the whole invasion by Gargos. Once Gargos is in our realm what purpose would there be to possess other characters? Jago only succumbed to the power of the tiger spirit after a long inner battle and he was only consumed to bring about the resurrection of Gargos.

More shadow characters aren’t needed, I’d rather see other characters fill the roster than more unnecessary shadow clones. That’s just my opinion though, I’m sure some people would love to see more of them but personally I’d be a little disappointed and wouldn’t want to fund something like that. There are much better uses of community funding money.

EDIT: If they insist on adding doppelganger characters just for fun, how about flipping it around by taking an evil character and giving us a good version of them. Like a version of Fulgore that plays similarly with his arm blades but uses Eagle’s ghost as a base model since many people want Eagle, or a benevolent Kan-Ra that’s not all musty and uses different magic moves or something.


I agree, sure it would be cool to see a new shadow character but it would take away the uniqueness that Shadow Jago has. I myself would prefer to see a new character or Omen get fleshed out and have the full character treatment then see a new shadow character. Plus story wise, why would Omen want to possess someone when he has the power to maintain his own form.


shadow characters would be great if we had MKX budget.

45 normal characters and 10 shadow versions. 5 costumes for each.

But not now.

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An Omen overhaul is top of my list honestly, I love where they were going with him but he never quite got that full-character treatment. Give him more accessories and colors, remove some of his rehashed animations and give him new ones, maybe enhance his visual effects a bit, give him a full set of character achievements, maybe even an alternate costume if the funding is enough. I love Omen but he feels pretty half-hearted and I would love to see him get as much attention to detail as the rest of the cast.

If an invasion of shadow characters was a big part of the plot and we had the budget/roster to accommodate it I’d be fine but as it is, we really don’t need them. Omen’s occupation of Jago was just a means of infiltrating the mortal world, there’s no reason to take over more characters and that would kind of muck up the other cast members and their stories if we had to weave that in there.

Shago, Omen and Gargos are all strongly tied to Jago’s entire backstory and they have spanned over three seasons, they’re a major plot point that really doesn’t need to be touched on again with other shadow characters. Adding them just to add them is a bad idea, there are MUCH better things we could put our money into funding if you ask me.


eyedol, for example

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I would hope that Eyedol would be a full character with a story in season 3 instead of something we have to beg for that’s inevitably not going to be as good as fully featured cast member.

I’m sort of in agreement with you. I do think they should tread very, very carefully with the Shadow gimmick (let’s not turn it into an Oprah-esque giveaway: Sabrewulf gets a Shadow! Riptor gets a Shadow! Glacius gets a Shadow! Sadira gets a Shadow! YOU ALL GET SHADOWS!!!) and only do it if it makes sense with in the story and/or a character’s arc.

Out of the options Isgreen put forth, Maya becoming Shadow Maya makes the most logical sense, because of her use of the ancient daggers and one of them being “evil”, thus there’s a way to have her become corrupted like Shago. Orchid’s a stretch: yes, she’s Jago’s sister, but she’s a polar opposite to him. She’s more grounded in reality and deals with tech (and the Firecat, yeah, but work with me here), while he’s fully immersed in the mystical whatnot. I have no comment on Kim, because we don’t know what her new role is going to be outside of a “Guardian”.

ETA: And if they do end up Shadowizing Maya? Unless they’re ultimately going with some kind of hat pull in connecting everything together (i.e. Omen/Gargos was part of the dark spirits that Kan-Ra summoned to Vengance and Temperance), give her another prefix so that it doesn’t “take away” from Shadow Jago.

If they released quasi-Shadow inspired color schemes as little bonus/freebie DLC for everyone, that’d be cool. Nothing too major and purely cosmetic. Everyone wins, imho. But I’m going to agree with Crimson, I think the community pool would be better served if the incentive was something a hell of a lot more substantial and something a good 3/4ths of the community wants to see. After all, that’s pretty much why the first community pool succeeded.

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100% agree with everything you say… Omen needs priority. I feel more shadow characters takes away form the Shago/Omen story that hasn’t even played out. really hasn’t even been told in story mode and makes Shago less special.

Ill pass on Shadow Orchid or whatever Shadow skin


Yeah I agree it’s a really dumb idea, Shago is my favorite character in the game but that doesn’t mean I need more alt versions of existing characters when there is SO much more that needs to be added to KI first!

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A “shadow” colored skin for each character would be neat but we don’t need full shadow characters congesting the select screen.

Agree with pretty much everything in here, especially @xCrimsonLegendx and @Silentdagger17
Was already sad when the announced Shago to begin with… this shadow idea made me scared of Street Fighter syndrome.

That being said, I love the way Shago turned out, and thumbs up to IG for a job well done (and DH for design)

But please don’t ruin his uniqueness with more of them… specially for the reason many in here already said.
It has pretty much always been part of the story… even the original story could VERY well lead to Jago being corrupted by the spirit of Gargos… it would not only be sad with clones instead of original characters.
It would be a major blow to the personal story of Jago and his struggle with the evil forces

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Is there even any worry/thoughts about this from anyone at all(devs, onlinediscussions)?

The recent interview with Adam Isgreen had him saying they’re considering adding more Shadow characters to the game, that’s why I began this discussion.

@M00NLightNinja yeah, shadow costumes is fine by me also… just don’t want any more shadow characters


An extra costume: sure. Another slot on character select: no thanks!


I say no to extra shadow characters. One is enough imo

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I agree. No more shadows. Just offer more alternate costumes and cleanup some of the current stuff (Orchid’s hair etc).


Bring on more shadow characters!! Not costumes or purely cosmetic yada yada, but full on shadow jago style characters :slight_smile:

Jago ain’t a main character where only his story matters, and saying there’s no story reason for shadow characters is silly. (Just because you cannot think of a story reason does not, at all, mean that there isn’t one. NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHERE THE STORY IS GOING).

Bring it on IG, not all of us are so damn pretentiously cynical

Don’t overlook the fact that there are plenty of resources required to create these new shadow roster spots. I think most of us can see that we would be better off with new characters and efforts put elsewhere, given the smaller (for now) budget. Shadow Jago is awesome, let’s not dilute the roster with more of the same.

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