I really suck at KI recently

Last couple of days have been pretty bad for me if you look at them from W/L ratio standpoint. I’ve been playing a lot of ranked, exhibition and private matches and no matter a level of skill my opponent represented (ranging from people that simply keep doing the same thing every time until it works to people who know literally everything about the game) I kept losing a lot. One nice enough fellow I was happy enough to meet told me this after our set: “Just take it easy, man.” I think I do indeed have a lot of problems with taking it easy. During fights I tend to be very agressive, even if my char isn’t really supposed to be played this way. I don’t think my actions through and I feel like my brain either doesn’t listen to me or it’s gone entirely. I never ever had this much struggle with KI at all and I feel like something shifted inside of my mind and instead of learning and getting better after every match I get dumber. I don’t wanna stop playing KI entirely, I think that both DH and IG did an outstanding job on it and I love it to death, every single tiny bit of it. How do I deal with this crisis of mine? Have any of you guys went through similar thing?

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Best solution, IMO: Take a break from online play for a bit and focus on getting the combos/set ups you need in The Lab (i.e. practice or VS AI). Get to a point where you can get what you want reliably against a dummy, and once you’re comfortable you can focus on what your opponent is doing in an online match since you have better mastery of the character.

Sure, it sounds kinda dumb, but taking a break from online stuff can actually foster better decisions when you go back. Granted, I spend most of my time online, so I might not be the best judge, but sometimes practicing in a less stressful environment can make it easier to go back to the high octane online battles.


Quoted for truth. This is 100% correct. Breaks do wonders for you when you get into a rut like you’ve described OP. I love this game to death but sometimes it is better just to step into the dojo and just work on some things. Or if you want to take it further: do you have any other games? One that maybe you’ve been meaning to catch up on or start playing again? Getting your mind off of KI for a bit can get you motivated to come back and play even better then you did before.

Good luck OP!


I feel you. Today is the first day I have really played in like a week but I am doing way bad. Partly because I am trying to decide between analog and dpad lol I always used analog but I get hit more than I should because of how precise you have to be blocking with analog. On dpad I can block much better, actually do DPs but I am constantly dropping combos :confused:

idk wtf to do :confused:

git gudd

Yeah man, it’s all good. Don’t worry about making it to top 32 in killer, this isn’t that kind of community (that’s what I like about it). Have fun unlocking more trials, play through some story stuff if you haven’t finished it all already, grind survival a bit, there’s ways to enjoy the game without necessarily rising your rank. You’re still a KI player regardless of how you play it.

■■■■ happens. About 2 weeks ago i went gold on ranked, it was a pain and made it with a ratio of 40 losts more then wins and it became frustrating because i stuck at the botton of the ladder only increasing negative scores. Then i decided to requalify and made up to gold again in half of the time with 20 wins more then losts just to stuck again in the botton of the gold rank :joy:. So now when i start to loose battle after battle, i just stop and relax for a bit.

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Start throwing crouching lk on jago type pressure and on wake ups. If they aren’t throwing perfect meaties, gg.

Thank you for all your replies and thank you for being so supportive! You’re awesome, guys!

If you can find a kind soul with voice chat willing to run sets with you and advise you what you can change about your game to improve or point out where you are going wrong I find that super useful.

I’d be happy to run sets with strategy discussion with either you or the OP. Or anyone else for that matter.