I really like Shadow Lords

I was among the many that got early access to Shadow Lords and I had mixed emotions on it upon release, but I now am thoroughly enjoying it. I play almost every day and I’m slightly addicted to it. I recently beat Gargos on Godlike difficulty with relative easy, thanks to having removed the Flesh, Heart, Claw and one other buff of Gargos. Gargos only had Eye and Veins buffs. I gave spinal my fractured ward and Eyedol the Killer Snake. I gave Eyedol the Shadow Lord artifact and whatever buff (maybe the Shadow Lord) that just keeps your meter refilling. Spinal put in his work and got Gargos down to the red bar, but Eyedol demolished Gargos, it was so fun, beating him with the Titan. I am try again to be Gargos will all buffs with Eyedol and another team. I also like adding Kilgore in Shadow Lords. He’s so different from Fulgore and its a good way to get people into the mode. I wish more characters had questlines than just Kim, Hisako, Tusk, Jago, and the others. But I hope the mode keeps improving. Good job IG. This is just an appreciation post.


it improved for me, I’m liking it to =)

at first I didn’t like it when it was released, now months later I look forward to playing it every day. It’s so good at motivating people to play the entire cast, and releasing new characters as a playale preview (kilgore) through the mode is pretty slick as well. Also it helped for me just to keep it on normal mode so I don’t die so much using characters I don’t know so well, haha

I’m loving the new items they’re giving us. They’re really helpful, especially being stuck on Godlike! I’ve beaten Godlike Gargos a few times now.
I haven’t been able to play since I’ve been out of town, but it’s definitely been fun when I’ve had access to it! I actually really love the deployment mechanic. I feel like the commander of an army! Who knew KI would be the next Civ game? :joy: