I own Season 1 and Season 3 Combo breaker.....how can I get Season 2 characters?

I see I can purchase each character for 5 bucks, but I don’t see how to get season 2!

You can’t, someone had the brilliant idea of removing individual season sales in favor of bundling them together, so if you want just season 2 you’re either gonna have to buy the characters individually or buy a bundle that has content you already own.

You mean to tell me that S2 combo breaker edition no longer exists!? If true, then that’s a bunch of absolute tripe!

yep — if you goto s2 release on xbox store it redirects you to current bundles

Hang in there, Im sure something will come up.

Either they will put the bundles back up for sale, or they will have a sale on the individual characters.

That is really whack i understand from a convenient selling point to bundle all together but you shouldn’t shaft the customers who were hesitant to buy season 2. But then again it may be just an error and will be fixed later dunno.

As it is right now you can either get the S1 & S2 bundle or wait and hope that they put season 2 standalone back up.

No it’s real.

Yeah there is no stand alone S2 or Ultra S2 things anymore.

Getting the Double Combo thing will save 10 dollars over getting them individually. Won’t have their extra stuff though I guess.

That really sucks for people who didn’t get season 2

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I understand that need money to make things work, but having more buying options would increase customer satisfaction thus improving market sales

It would be cool if I could just buy S2 for 20 bucks and be current.