I need help with online

I play on PC and the game has worked in the past, but after a couple month hiatus I came back to the game and can’t connect to any multiplayer matches or even load anything off the meld menu. I’ve tried reinstalling, force updating, signing out then back in, enabling and disabling my firewall, turning off my anti-virus, I don’t have himachi, UPNP is enabled on my router, and running that teredo /cmd prompt did nothing. I’m out of ideas.

You’ve checked to make sure you’re on patch 3.9? I heard they having some trouble getting the update to go live on Win10 for a while there

Anyone have any idea of the size of the patch file for PC? I updated mine on Xbox and it was something significant from what I recall (Like over 15 gigs). When I updated KI on my PC it was like 900 MBs. Something was off about that.

And it wouldn’t ever let me sync my profile info from the XBOne to the PC.

Check in device manager if you have Teredo adapter installed. I don’t know for others, but for me, every time win10 updated it uninstalled my teredo adapter and I had to reinstall, maybe this is the case.

Yup, it’s installed. Even uninstalled and reinstalled it to no effect.

Have you tried changing your timezone/region in the store then correcting it?

Sorry hurrican knocked out my power for almost a week but I just tried that and it did nothing.

This is just speculation but I think they might be working on some networking issues with the steam release looming ahead. I play on Windows 10 as well and since the patch I’m able to play exhibition and ranked without issue but I can’t create a lobby or invite friends to exhibition matches, my brother who also plays on windows 10 can’t invite me to exhibition either.

Like you my firewall, NAT (Open) hasn’t changed, teredo is installed. So my guess is it’s just something they’re working out. It’s unfortunate I was really looking to play some sets with my brother this past weekend and we had to go load up tekken and rivals of aether instead.