I missed you guys (and gals!)

I’ve been browsing these forums for while now, and can’t help but feel that these past days felt like it was missing something really important.
I’m really happy to see some familiar faces already popping back up, and can’t wait to see this amazing game continue into the future (dragging us with it, kicking and screaming :wink: ).
Welcome back homies!


LOL I know how you feel. It felt like I couldn’t talk to my KI family, (I was starting to get Forum withdrawl symptoms Lol) So glad you as well as everyone else is back! :smiley:

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yes, I missed reading posts here. Always amusing.
While away, the only other thing I liked was reading comments section on ESPN websites when yet another NFL/ NBA player is in the news for the wrong reasons :grin:


I missed the forums so much, the downtime couldn’t have come at a worse moment right? Season 3 gets announced, Rash comes out and Mick leaves KI and we had NOWHERE TO TALK ABOUT IT. I sat there refreshing that page for an entire week…


hahaha same here. As soon as I got the forum was down, I knew s3 was coming but only there was no place to celebrate lol!

I know dem feels! This huge announcement comes up and I’ve been dying to see forums blow up with hype. Too bad at this point the hype died down, but still good to be back anyways.

I missed talking to everyone as well…

But were are finally back! WOOOOOOOOO!

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Welcome back! Happy to see everyone enjoying the new home and keeping the conversation going :smile:

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I missed this place only because I remember the Gamescom threads where everyone thought it wouldn’t happen and that this was the last shot. I really wanted to rub it in everyone’s faces. Enddragon even said he had inside info or something. Well YOU WERE ALL WRONG. NO ONE SAW BATTLETOADS COMING!

Exactly! It was a tough week. I just kept stalking @TempusChaoti 's Twitter and refreshing the forum page.

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Yeah haha, I remember saying multiple times that I believed Gamescom was the time when KI S3 gets announced while everyone else lost hope after Evo. But I will say, even though there was high demand and it was a popular idea I don’t think ANYONE saw a freaking Battletoad coming!

Agreed 100%!!! BTW- KI central forums is…dead… its bad… like really bad. this is where the real ■■■■ goes down!

It was odd not being able to browse the forums but glad things are up agian and can read everyones likes and dislikes!

Yeah, I think they missed a ton of traffic, but oh well.

I was travelling, and one of the few things I can do away from home is cruise the forums, so it was bad timing for me personally as well.

Yea I checked to see of they were back up like twice daily! Really glad to have an outlet again lol

I too am very glad to be FINALLY back on the all-new official Killer Instinct/Iron Galaxy forums here :sunglasses: