I love the new combo-break indicators

I’ve read a few posts in different threads that seems to hate these new additions that have been added to the game. I got into the game about a year ago and play it off and on. And I have to say I never pay one lick of attention to the patch notes. I never really care. I am GRATEFUL for the new indicators that tell me AD and Linker strenght tho. This stuff is a godsend for me. Everything from playing it to watching it. That and the sound effects have been my favorite additions added to the game excluding characters. This stuff improves the game significantly in my experience.

I don’t say this to create an argument. But just to support the devs. I feel like its so many hardcore players on here who really forget what its like to just begin with fighting games. And i want any IG folks to know that there are mediocre players who appreciate this stuff.


I completely understand your views. For me though, they are more of a distraction than a help. Part of becoming better at KI is learning the specific strengths, and there is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you successfully and reliably learn and break those strengths versus general guess breaking.

Generally if you are having issues recognizing and or breaking certain combo strings, you can go into practice and try out the character you are having problems with and learn the animations and sounds to those moves.

So in this sense, I find the new indicators a bit redundant.

In terms of people using them against me… I’m decent enough with my main to mix and match manuals and autos at will, and I’m always learning to new ways to create more interesting combos.

Are these indicators good for new comers and non-vets. Sure, but its not like KI is that hard of a fighting game to figure out what is going on and simply have fun.

I think it’s an excellent feature for both newer players as well as commentators. Helps to alleviate a lot of the “random” or “guess” elements that seem to drive people crazy.
I do however think that, like the KV/Shadow meter fill sounds, there should be an option to reduce its prominence for those who feel they don’t need it.
I’m personally really happy with it. It took a little while when I first saw it but it grew on me. I do think though that having the option to tone it down would be a good way to make those that weren’t happy with the change just a little less bummed about it.

Love it, great idea of and makes staining much more fun/comprehensive. When the new PC users come in and they have to learn at least 24 characters auto doubles, learning from spectating is invaluable (instead of taking every character to the lab and learning combos with other characters for yourself)

There isn’t any less learning going on, now that the new combo breaker UI is in place. You still have to learn auto-doubles and linkers in the same way. The only real difference is, people who don’t know anything about the combo system might be able to pick stuff up a little more quickly on the fly. Even when presented with a new character, experts in the KI system can deduce strengths of doubles and linkers just based on visual feedback, so it’s not really made for them (although it doesn’t detract from them at all, it just affirms what they already knew).

I think many forum users don’t really understand how incredibly daunting KI will be to new players when it launches on PC with over 20 characters in March. It’s going to be one of the most difficult fighters to learn… every character breaks their own rules, has their own combos you have to identify, their own shadow linkers to practice breaking, and this is all on top of knowing how their neutral game works, what is or isn’t safe, etc. This new combo breaker UI will help reduce that learning burden on new players just a little bit, without actually making breaking itself any easier.

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I don’t like them, mostly because it reminds me of the days when I was a noob at fighting game. There is no way a new comer will understand what l , w , h means. I mean it’s already hard enough for people to understand the images of quarter motions on the command list and even what hk, lk, mk mean now you throw them this as well.

I really wish they would dumb it down more for newcomers. Am a Killer Rank, but I remember the early days of fighting games were just random spams and being frustrated and instruction books because I never knew what hk, lk meant.

KI should be making their tutorials for casuals like this who play the game on occasion but still don’t know how to do anything.

Do people like that want to learn, though? Or are they just happy pressing random buttons and hoping something exciting happens?

Yeah, people want to learn. But one shouldn’t expect many to sit in training mode by themselves failing at combos on a dummy for many hours. They need to add a dojo for other characters.

As far as I’m concerned these indicators have helped me commit the ADs to memory which is really difficult to do. As far as a video game is expected to go KI is among the hardest I’ve played. I’m feel like it should have always been in. Its hard for me to understand how it annoys other players, but I’ve been seeing a lot of hate. I guess they should allow you guys to toggle that. I hope they don’t do it for tournaments though.

It’s one of those things I hope they don’t let you toggle, because IMO it’s a universally positive change and I think people need to get used to it. It’s no more intrusive than the old lockout symbol was, in terms of getting in the way of a fight, it doesn’t look any better or worse from a graphic design point of view (it’s pretty horizontal there), and to expert players it gives no extra information (except in those rare cases where you have no idea what happened to you, like Shago dash DP juggles or something, but it doesn’t make you more able to break it next time). It’s literally just to aid understanding for beginner/intermediate players, and that shouldn’t be a toggle when it is no more intrusive than what was already on the screen.

Some people want to learn, yes, but do those people there were linked in the video want to learn? A lot of people are just content that something cool is happening on the screen.

I sympathize with the people who want dojos for every character, but mostly what the dojo is doing is teaching you how the game works… these are special moves, these are normals, this is the combo system. There is actually very little character-specific information in there, aside from, like… how to go through fireballs, and I suppose the dojo 32 combo trials which aren’t actually combos you use in real matches anyway. I think what people really want is basic strategy guides for a character, which is a great idea but not really what the dojo mode provides.

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to play Guilty Gear Xrd, but they have a mode called challenge mode. This mode is basically teaching you some combos, and eventually higher tech from the training mode, with each character. Helps you to recognize what moves link into others, and gives you an idea to their playstyle.

Dojo in KI isn’t exactly this, but I’d like to see lessons to help you transition into playing a new character. Teach me what moves have invincibility, what my wake-up options are, some mixups, some spacing, and what I can do to get my damage.

I’m a decently seasoned KI player, but that challenge mode in GG:Xrd really helped me to figure out what character I want to play and learn more thoroughly without getting my butt handed to me before I found something that clicked.

It’s definitely a big task and I don’t ask for it lightly. I would genuinely make good use of it when I’m having trouble understanding a match-up, or general poor performance.

On topic: I agree with what you said. It’s a good tool for commentators and new/mid level players, and as a Killer it still helps me determine ADs on the fly. Even some linkers, for that matter (Maya’s light linker hitting twice as an example). I like the timer is shown on the lockouts, since it helps me recognize when I should just cash out.

It would certainly be time better spent than the story mode. I’m sure some will disagree, but that is cray.

There’s no doubt it would be useful, but I think it’s a hard sell to the higher-ups at MS who give IG money. The dojo teaches beginner players, and the mode Ziarist described would teach intermediate/advanced players… I don’t think there’s much room for crossover there. If you try to teach everybody, you end up saying nothing of value to anybody. The mode Ziarist describes, helpful as it would be, is definitely not “dojo mode for every character” that everybody asks for.

I’d love to see something like that, but sadly I’m sure it’s way low on their priority list.

The answer? Mods. I would love to get a mod that was Aganos: The Foundation (puns!) by Zergkiller. However, the closer we get to release the less likely I think mods will exist out side of clientside changes to models.