I Lost My Supreme Package... :(

I had downloaded Killer Instinct when the final season 3 character had been release (Before Kilgore and Shin Waif-- Hisako). I had also purchased three characters individualy and the the Supreme package for the game (dumb, I know) including all characters from seasons 1-3. However, shortly after my hard drive kicked the bucket and I lost everything. So, after finally re-downloaded most of my games I had decided to download KI. Once it was downloaded (using the same account as before of course) I had noticed that I had no access to any characters besides the ones purchased seperatly(Maya, Sadira, and Hisako). So, I went to the store section to try and repurchase/download the supreme edition only for it to tell me that it was a part of the now superior Definitive Edition. I am not able to access or the content contained in the Surpreme Edition on the windows store, however when I check my purchases, it states that I had in fact purchased the referenced content. I was wondering if anyone was having similar problem and if so, would they know any fixes?

on the MS history website where in you view your purchase history, is there options to redownload it?

Do you have anything in your Ready to Install section? You might need to reinstall all the characters one-by-one.

@ShellShock520 I went to the purchase history section and it does in fact appear in my history, but there is no option to redownload it.

@DoobyDude23 Where would I find the ready to install section?

Sorry, should’ve asked before. Are you playing on PC or Xbox?

I’m playing on PC.