I live to go 0 and 20

I think some teabagger reported me for cursing on the mic. Lol. I don’t even have a mic. My messages/invites are suspended until the 23rd. Lol.

That, and a lot of people must be blocking me because of this game.

Haha. So can you not be invited to a game by anyone else either? I’m game to play now if you can be.

You main Hisako? Uh oh. She’s a pain in my a$$! Have to switch out my whole playstyle because of those counters. Makes me have to do things I’m not good at yet. Lol. Ain’t easy being a fighting game player.

Lol. Yeah, I do. So are you on now, or some other time?

I can receive the invite, but it doesn’t let me join. So, I’m on. But, unless you just happen to run into me it’s not going to happen until Monday.

Well that sucks. Ah well, some other time then :thumbsup: