I live to go 0 and 20

Those are my favorite sets. Where I’m getting absolutely pummeled and I hang in there and start getting some wins. Learning more with each round. I don’t know why so many Killer Instinct players lose two rounds and then dashboard. It seems so soft to me. That’s not the Fighter’s spirit.

Most of the time, it’s the better player that gets frustrated with the audacity that I won’t leave the lobby. I find that very enjoyable. Not that I’m teabagging or taunting or anything. I don’t do that stuff. But, I get less frustrated than they do.


Many people just don’t have that same mindset as you…

Personally, when ever I play a person and they allow for me to loose 10-30 I’m appreciative. The only way you can learn is if you loose and reflect.


Would you be interesting in running a set this afternoon? I can’t promise some super-lopsided margin of defeat, but I’m game to go for a FT20 or 30 if you are. :slight_smile:

When I’m in exhibition matches, I tend to lose a LOT due to using characters that I don’t use in Ranked… meaning everybody BUT Sadira. So lately I’ve been losing tons of matches with Mira in Exhibition, simply because I tend to use up all of her life and then the other player simply has to knee me to get the win, but that is how I learn.

Granted if the alt player begins to taunt me, I’ll gladly pull out Sadira and completely wipe them out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must add. If it’s Sadira, I won’t stay more than 3 rounds. Hate that character. Win or lose (and I go 50/50 with good Sadiras), doesn’t matter.

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I have an odd stance on this stuff, because I only ever go into Exhibitions to play with a specific friend, so I have never had to deal with this (from either end.)

One to three matches in Ranked before getting a new opponent is the right pace for me if I just want to play, but if I’m looking for more relaxed play against a friend, I will sit (win or lose) in Exhibition with them for HOURS.

I hate Aganos (playing against him at least)… won’t stop me from playing a long set if possible… i dunno, i guess i figure the longer I play, the more I learn and then I can maybe beat this character 8 out of 10 times, making me hate them less… just a theory…

Never said I couldn’t beat Sadira. I just don’t find her enjoyable to play against. I main TJ and he has all sorts of problems with her. Takes more skill to win with TJ in that match up if you ask me.

Few days ago I had some fights with a very good dude. The kind of dude that plays a lot of characters.

We planed to do a FT10.
He kicked my ■■■ until 6-0. Then he made one mistake, he stuck with the same character.
I’m the kind of guy who is able to adapt (when I manage to find the right solutions :smiley: ).
At the end, I won the fight.

Even when I fight a way better player than me (that is not difficult), I stay as long as I can to learn from him.
You learn from the best, no from the dashboard.

Well, I don’t play Sadira. So how about it @oShift2oVet78 - up for a set? I’ll be available late afternoon, from around 5 until 8 EST.

I have to work this evening. Lucky for me, there’s an Xbox at work. But I won’t be able to help out until after 8 p.m. Eastern.

wha, where are more of you 9pm+ central crowd on the forums, that’s the only time I get to play live. although for now slowly climbing up ranked is keeping me busy for a few weeks

Haha. Not really looking for “help”, just interested in some fun matches. :slight_smile:

I’ll add you though, and if I’m on after 8 I can shoot you a message. Definitely won’t be on too late, but may have time to fit in a FT10 or something.

@Hotsumari - @TheNinjaOstrich is another central time zoner I believe, so he may be a good person to try and get lined up with your schedule for a fun set.

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omg that dude is a beast it’ll be a while before I go through that meat grinder, LOL. When I’m done learning in quick ranked matches I’ll give him a shout. There have definitely been times when I get bodied by a killer and wish I had some more sets to learn the matchup.

i will agree that unless understood in advance, the one giving the beatdown can be the one getting bored just as easily as a loser ragequitting. But you’ll always have guys that want to win NAO

Lol. I meant “hop on”. Voice to text fail.

“Help out” sounds like something @GalacticGeek would say. Too bad I don’t know the Aganos matchup well, cause I would love to body him again like last season, when he wasn’t an Aganos master. Maybe I still can though.

Lol, it’s cool. Like I said, I’ll add you, and if I see you on I’ll shoot you a message. It’ll be good to fight a solid TJ, there aren’t many of them running around these days.

Well, I can certainly “help out” with that. Besides, I don’t recall you ever bodying me - perhaps you could remind me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So what is your gamer tag exactly? Your name on here doesn’t quite seem to be it.

oShift2o Vet78

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So will you be available sometime this weekend? I’m free more or less the whole weekend (no responsibilities :slight_smile:), so whenever is good with me.