I know the best Gears guest

Well all know there will be a Gears guest (maybe in season 3 or Maybe 4) but I know the best character they can pick. Its not Cole or Raam, its not even Marcus… it’s Skorge from Gears 2. He looks like a fighter with his chainsaw Staff and how he moves. I also think you should push back Arbiter for Season 4 and have Season 4 be just a Cameo Season. It can be for the fans for 3 good years and it could be given for free. I know that won’t happen because you already have the plan down.


Guilty Gear? Yeah, would love to see Millia or Testament in Killer Instinct. ;3

It would be cool…but it’ll never happen, imho.

I thought you don’t like guests?..

I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: But that wasn’t the point.

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So? He as the right attitude. I dont like guest characters too but why complain till the end of time? When they were announced i gave my opinion on the guests thread and thats about what im gonna complain. Now, knowing that they are gonna be in the game regardless of if i like them or not i gave my suggestions for the guests and made threads about it. If it has to be then i want it to be as good as possible even if i dont like the concept.

More people should be like him. If you dont like something but cant do anything about it at least be constructive and say how in your opinion it would be the best way to do it instead of complaining forever.

PS: One of the threads i made was suggesting skorge. You’re late bruh :stuck_out_tongue: @anon39655210

Chainsaw staff, emergence hole teleports, agile, maybe add a divekick…

If he’s in, I will be instant adding him to the repertoire. I need me some Skorge.

I would actually prefer Leo get in. KI doesn’t have a stance charecter and I just adore his weapons, playstyles and his personality lol

Slightly more realistic looking Leo whitefang for the win!

… Late for what?

But no, my point was… the OP obviously didn’t mean Guilty Gear characters! So my post was kinda just a joke… I say kinda, because I don’t want any Gears of War characters in KI, so instead I suggested some Guilty Gear characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. I’ve always thought Skorge was the coolest looking and most creative of the locust big bads :slightly_smiling:

It’s not my choice.
I would suggest that one guy’s dead wife.

… Maybe that could just be a skin for Hisako, though.

Ink grenades, Chainsaw staff, all he needs is duel of the fates playing in the background and Skurge could be KI’s Darth Maul.

Skorge was a terribly handled character. He comes out of no where and cuts open a tank. Then you don’t see him again until you shoot his flying horse and he falls off and dies.

Hoffman or bust!!

He is Dart Maul 2.0