I just got a new laptop is it worth it?

Hey what’s up everyone? I really need your help please.:cry: So I just got this new laptop with a Intel Core i7 7th gen NVIDIA GEFORCE 940MX HD 1080 64bit and 1TB I spent $925 on it. They say it has Windows10 also. But when I go to the Microsoft store it tells me that it’s not compatible?

I really love Killer Instinct and Gears of War so that’s why I bought it. You see where I work at I am a manager and I can do anything I want. There’s been times I have taken my TV to work and my Xbox so I won’t be bored. But I’m tired now of disconnecting my Xbox and my TV so I can take it to work.

So I know there’s some computer wiz out there that can help me please let me know if this laptop is good enough or should I send it back??

And oh yeah the big bosses they know I bring my TV to work and it’s all good… Lol… Help :cry:

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@xSkeletalx might could help?

Do you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed? If not, there’s your problem.


This. You’ll likely have to download it manually. Ki only ever works with the current version of w10. Go figure…


I do believe you could have done better and got a gaming laptop with a 1050 gpu on board, But congrats on your purchase dere.