I just bought GG Xrd on the PC and it is fantastic!


-So far the online is fantastic. It is almost as good as Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. Apparently Rank is having issues, but the player matches are done well.

-The music is hype!

-Very deep gameplay and great tutorial


-When there is a lot of crazy ■■■■ happening, the game can briefly stutter

-Newcomers may have a hard time understanding the mechanics. The tutorial is fantastic, but there is just so much stuff to learn.

Basically it works and its good. Satisfied purchase! 9/10

Sidenote - I can totally envision new characters for KI being developed around specific mechanics that are in Xrd. I can see Kim Wu having a Roman Cancel Instinct to extend combos or save herself from whiffing. I can also see Tusk having powerful Shadow moves, but he can only build meter by walking or jumping forward. Oh, BTW I love how taunting gives your opponents meter! You’d think these scrubs in ranked matchmaking would stop taunting if they knew if gave the other fighter meter to body him/her lol

I just picked up GG:X yesterday. God, ■■■■■■■, damn. This game is anime as ■■■■. The only problem I’ve had with online is in ranked. It takes me forever to find an opponent. Example:

  • Search
  • select opponent
  • failed
  • select another opponent
  • failed
  • refresh
  • select opponent
  • “Are you ready for battle?!”
  • failed
  • sigh

Player lobbies are great though. Aside from the ones that advertise casual players and I get absolutely slaughtered by everyone.


The game is amazing. Revelator will be even better :grin: