I have great idea for this forum

Character auto-double gifs. to help with combo breaking. Ever since I actually tried out the combo breaker training, and became familiar with some of the animations, it has helped a lot. Even during mix-ups. What if there was a place here, where people could go, and just check them out Bam! Auto-double gif thread. Just wanted to try it out. Let me know if you guys think it will help. If so, we could periodically do gifs of different characters. auto-doubles only though. No openers. Just the doubles animations. Let me know what you guys think. Here is a sample.
Light Punch auto-double:

Light Kick auto-double:

Medium Punch auto-double:

Medium Kick auto-double:

Heavy Punch auto-double:

Heavy Kick auto-double:


thats acually a pretty cool idea!

Nice idea.

If you or someone else follows through with this, I highly recommend you make the GIFs with mirrors, so you can also see the hit-stun animations of the other player using that character as well (since you can also use those to read ADs as well). :wink:

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I like that a lot!

KI Central had something similar, but it hasn’t been updated since Season 1

Seeing it in a compact loop like that really highlights the standout animations from most auto-doubles. It also shows how many of the later characters have the same attack animation twice or use the same one for both punches or kicks :frowning:

dangit!! I thought I was being all creative, and helpful, contributing, and what not…


You are hahaha

It’s something people would find useful and that hasn’t been completely done yet.

I can get behind this :smiley:

I like this! Matter of fact I wanted to see if I could sneak in a move list in to the website (character pages), but this is an awesome idea, too. I wonder how it could be incorporated…


Maybe in the “Characters” section of the main web-page?

That’s…not what I was saying. I mean how it would be implemented from a UI standpoint!

Gotcha. That one’s above my pay-grade!

How about a Dojo section for the forums? Of course it wouldn’t be true to form in terms of the actual Dojo, but it could offer insightful tid-bits and even features not found in the game itself. The auto double gifs alone would be a great help for newbies and intermediate players alike

How about actually listing the inputs for each move on-screen in Practice mode, instead of having to pause, got to the menu, sub-menu, search for the move’s name, etc., then going back to the game?

A single move with the corresponding input would appear on-screen below the lifebars, and you could skip to the next or previous one by pressing left/right on the analog stick.
This happens in other games such as Tekken Tag 2:

I lol’ed at this stage.

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Because individual moves are super easy to do for the average FG playerm such as:
:arrow_left::arrow_right:, :arrow_right::arrow_left:, :arrow_down::arrow_up:, :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right:, :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left:, :arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right:, or :arrow_left::arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left:. Also, this game doesn’t use dial-a-combos like other FGs do. The combos in this game are fluid and ever-changing due to the unique and dynamic combo-system, so it doesn’t make sense to train players into certain specific strings. The game wants players to come up with their own strings. Besides, if you want inputs on the screen, there is a function for that (just not for specific moves is all). It’ll merely show you the inputs you use as you press them. :wink:

That’s not what I meant. Not talking about the combo strings or anything, just knowing how to perform each special move without pausing practice, going to the menus and sub-menus, scroll through pages searching for the next move you want to learn, memorizing the input (not that it’s difficult but you have to know what input corresponds to each move), then get out of the menus, return to practice, and then having to do this all over again for another move.
It would be much easier if they were on screen and you could browse through them without leaving the practice game. The way it currently is, is rather time-consuming and frustrating.

Well, you can already tag them. :wink: