I have a friend who wants to use a PS3 controller

He has KI on PC and usually used x360ce for his PS3 stick will work but he cannot find the install folder for KI to put the file into for it to work. Is there another way he could do this? another program? motionjoy wouldn’t work for him.

ChronusMax adapter would likely work. It would also enable him to use his PS3 controller on an Xbox if he ever wanted to.

The install folder for Windows 10 Store apps using the universal windows apps platform is a blocked folder you can not even open. Try InputMapper instead.

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ah ok I see. so this is useless I assume??

That’s what modders are using to access the game’s files. There’s no telling how modifying the folder could affect the game since it’s not meant to be accessed (Yet).

InputMapper is the safe way around this.

ah ok.