I have a couple ideas for guests

I don’t know if everyone will like this or hate this but I have a couple ideas for guest fighters.

Alex Mercer or James Heller (Prototype 1 and 2)
Yaiba Kamikaze (Ninja Gaiden Z)
Carnage (Spider-Man)
Or the character from Sunset Overdrive

I’d like to know what everyone thinks of this and I hope that everyone has a great day


Alex Mercer Or James Heller Would Be Cool.

Thanks. Do you have any ideas?

The morphing characters (Alex Mercer & Carnage) could actually work in KI. Nice list!

Skorge from gears.
Alex Mercer or James Heller would also fit in the KI universe. Nice

Thanks everyone. How’s your day going?

I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Prototypes first, they would be fantastic! imagine them being able to “consume” their opponent for health and mirroring special moves. I’m shaking just thinking about the hammerfist! Good stuff, very good stuff!

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I’m so glad everyone seems to like my prototype idea. Have a great night everyone

That would very AWESOME!

Thanks man. Have a great night