I found a secret! Or an Easter Egg?

If you can get the screen to scroll really high, Sadira is really good at that with her new Jump HK! You can see things I don’t think you were meant to see. Basically all I can determine is that it looks like Glacius training stage? But it doesn’t change based on what music you play, it’s always there! It actually looks like it’s the loadout of ALL the stage backrounds like a projector’s film!


I love that stuff =3 you went trough the stage ceiling and characters clipped the 3D background. I don’t know which texture is that but it looks like a sky. I recently did something simililar while playing Uncharted 4 campaign XD

It is every backround that gets projected on to the back wall when you play a classic theme.

When you select a classic theme, the image gets teleported into the dojo, on the back wall, where you can see it.

Yeah I was gonna see what happens when you pick Glays theme but I didn’t see anything change. Just odd they would store those images back there lol. Also glad I could find it :smile:

Its Gargos’ stage hidden behind the training stage!



even the DOJO has a stage… :disappointed_relieved:

poor mira and gargos



IMO that sky is weirder than these projections lol.

Neat. Time to raise the ceiling in the practice stage I guess…

Awesome. Yea that’s clearly Glacius KI1 stage layered on top of the other KI1 practice image stages.

Wish they would include the KI2 stages and allow them to be used in a match.


I wish they revamped the classic stages.


What game is this? UMVC3?

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Very nice still image. Im still surprised that I found this. I wonder how long its been there.

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I’m impressed by your sadira tech! I never thought she could fly that high!

I wonder what all the other stages look like from that height!
If you ever get a chance, do so in an infinite local match!!! Particularly, I’d love to see the background buildings etc in Rebel Outpost!!!

I too would love to see other stages that high.

That’s really cool. I mean it’s a bug that needs fixing but still it’s really cool xD

Yeah, it’s always neat to see the back of things.
I remember doing lots of that kind of stuff back when I played Halo Reach a lot. There’s some crazy stuff beyond the skybox…

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Didin’t Double Helix or someone say long ago that we still haven’t found all the secrets in the game.

Since its slightly related has anyone ever noticed that tigers lair is on the opposite side of the character select screen? Pick a reflective character (T1000 glacius works best) and you can see it reflected on him. Also when you select “return to character select” after a match you get a loading screen with tigers lair on it meaning it’s loading that stage.

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I did record a long file on all stages, but it got corrupted. I would encourage everyone to just go look for themselves :slight_smile: I will say though, all real stages are rendered larger than the Dojo. You might clip into some textures but there isn’t much to see. The only cool thing I found was on TJ’s stage right side there is actually a train that is rendered up there that passes.

@MarcusMark what bug? No one was ever intended to get that high lol.

On Fulgore’s stage you can clip through a second catwalk higher up. Orchid’s stage there used to be a second floor that is blown away, but most of what you see with Sadira you can see with Cinder, you can just clip into it with Sadira. And this is only possible as of Season 3 and her new step kick in air.

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Anyone wanting to try, the combo is
Throw, Down HK, Down HK timing is weird, LP - MP target combo, Medium Web, Down HK, HP, Shadow Web for scenic view <3

I remember there was a bug with the camera which made it go below the character’s feet or way above the stage which you could make worse by repeating it, I think it involved resetting positions at a certain point in Thunder’s CotE. When it was above the stage you could see that all of the backgrounds are in a big line going back behind the main wall, and the stage is just like a diorama floating in black space in front of them. Games are weird.