I finally did it!

Yesterday I did it, after the grind of coming across j.HK Glacius’ and Fireball spamming Jago’s I made it to Killer…

Thunder took me from Qualifiers to Gold but it was Riptor who carried me up the Gold Ladder…

I just wanted to share because it may seem like not such a big deal to some but to me it’s a massive thing…


Thanks guys…


Awesome victory!

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Good stuff! I just hit Killer a couple weeks ago as well.

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Congrats, to the both of you in that last reply. I feel like I should know how hard it is to get to killer, to an extent at least, as it took me from August to January to get from Gold tier into Killer rank.

Want to run some celebratory casuals at some point in the near future?

Again, congratulations on your promotion.

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Grats on killer! I made it on valentines day, was hyped because I had been playing ranked for that spot since a few days after I got the game in december

Also, as a riptor main, I know your struggle with the fireballing shagos. Jago wasn’t that bad though

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Sweet! Welcome to the Killer Leagues friend.

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I’m pretty sure we’re friends on XBL, feel free to invite me when you’re free for a few sets =D

I did, but you didn’t respond to my invites, not even a message to say you were busy… :smiley: I look forward to facing you soon (we can work through strategies together as well if you like.)

I got to Killer rank today! Whether I am good enough to be Killer is debatable, but I somehow managed to make it there today :smiley:

Congratulations. Glad I let you go through with that instead of fighting me :smiley:

Thanks! Lol yeah man last time I played I was stuck around the 500 hundred range and couldn’t really make any progress but yesterday when I played I was on a roll, I had some great momentum going or something lol

The good thing is now that I did that I can focus on just playing exhibition,lobby or with other people, so next time we are both on ill definitely join so we can finally play. You will probably body me but maybe ill learn a thing or two :slight_smile: