I feel starved for Gargos info

While Mira is a neat character, the only thing I really wanted to see was the Gargos tease. She’s just not my style and I’m still a little bitter that she wasn’t the KI2 vampire, complaining aside… we need more Gargos in our lives.


You wanted it? Check the Season 3 Launch Trailer.

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I’m not a vampire fan at all so either Mira or the KI2 vampire it’s a “meh” Although I do like the music themes from both lol.

I’m eagerly awaiting Mr. Gargos to make his deput. The first character in HYPE as hell for. :yum: plus reading how hard SL Gargos is…O-men. Hype.

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I can’t freaking wait for the Gargos tease !!! How sweet would it be if they put it out Tommorow lol . I know they won’t cause it’s Sunday, but man I just really wanna see it.

Lol! I think they mean Gargos’s gameplay in his teaser…

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Oh I can spoil the teaser. Gargos comes in. He charges an attack. He does a quick fly dash and grabs the opponents head. Then the screen goes black with a sound. Announcer says perfect and the KI logo pops up.


We’ve all seen the two second image of Gargos, obviously we want more. :stuck_out_tongue: