I dislike this 8 months wait btw S2 and S3, S4 please lets return to the one character a month model!

Hi there, The Nigerian KI war general here,…

I am really really disliking this 8 months wait between S2 and S3, In Season 4 S4 please lets return to the one character a month model !

Its The biggest pain and frustration to deal with. Do u support the abandonment and abolish of this senseless 8 months wait model. Iron Galaxy and Team Microsoft is extremely competent and can deliver one character per month. Lets use them to their full potential in Season 4 !

Few days away and the pain is gettin more intense lol, its like waiting for ecstasy and it aint here yet, The pain !

Yes or NO! ??

This is not consider an abandonment. Within that large gap, it gives devs time to work on a few kinks and re-balancing all the characters to combat against S3 characters. It amazes me that the devs were able to accomplish that one character a month model from S2. Besides, March is right around the corner, so


It amazes u how they met the One month Target in S2? No! it doesnt amaze me, if we give them 2 weeks to deliver one character they will deliver ! . imagine a character as crazy as kanra deleivered in under one month. This just shows how competent and experienced the whole Team is, from keits to ishmae to the MS cats and to the whole art, coding/ Technical programming team

These guys know their onions, lets push them to the limit in S4 !

You’re reaching a bit on that one.

I’d rather them do this model for reasons opposite of your own. Time to get the characters right, testing, balancing, etc. This wait has been fine for a large majority of us because they’re going to likely do a combination of what S1 and S2 in terms of release which I prefer.


I feel your pain.

This is all an interesting experiment if you think about it. S1 we saw 6 characters, and they followed up with like 4 months of support and 2 characters. In S2 we saw 2 characters up front, and they followed up with like 7 or 8 months of support, extra modes and 7 additional characters. With S3 they are somewhat trying to give us a hybrid of the 2 seasonal approaches, with more characters up front, and a seemingly (I hope) long tail of support.

Many people said they didn’t like the S2 approach (I personally loved it!), but this 8 month wait is partially the “blame” of the plan to release with more characters up front and presumably less on the back end…not to mention the PC port.

Did you forget between S1 and S2 there was also an hiatus? The reason they managed to bring us one character each month on S2 is because they started several of the characters in parallel during that hiatus (that and management of the game changing hands). This includes everything from conceptualizing the character to modeling, animating, sound work and balancing.

They even said it themselves that during S2 most of the cast where in development in different stages of progress, so that’s why TJ felt rushed while by the time Kan-Ra came out the characters where much more fleshed out.

While it’s possible to have an infinite stream of characters each month, it’s very expensive. It’s basically a queue, while one character is the next on the line others are being produced and the bigger your team the more characters you can have in the “not even conceptualized” spot on the queue. Also if you want to change something outside of this queue (let’s say, FULL REBALANCING OF THE CAST) you’ll need an even bigger team.

Only way to fix that and have a small team is give time for the team to buffer the queue, hence the 8 months.

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I think people are forgetting that in between season 1 and 2 there was a large wait. Not only that but there is going to be more characters at launch this time around and even then after the season 3 launch they will probably go back to the monthly releases.

I don’t want them to create characters is shorter amount of time. Does no one remember last season? Mick Gordon was getting stressed because how fast the characters were coming. Not only that, they couldn’t really keep up and that’s why Omen was made, he was just a simple character created so the remaining characters had more time put into them. That’s why Omen looks so basic and unfinished, he was just scrapped together quick.

The reason for the wait and they even mentioned is after season 2 wrapped up they were all given a little break and vacation for busting their ■■■ so much! Also two weeks to fully develope a character? That’s very very hard to do. A month is even pushing it and I’m amazed they pulled it off. If any studio who has never done a fighting games was given that task they would fail.

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How about we appreciate all the team has done and not stress them out…

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Every character takes 4+ months to completely develop from paper design and concept to a working, playable character. While you see a character every month, that’s because they were being worked on for months before you saw them.

Also, this season could not have started any earlier due to some of the core updates the game is receiving.

We appreciate the faith, and the desire for more info / content, but stay vigilant – info will start flowing soon.


You are a good person :heart:

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I much prefer quality over quantity. So I’m happy with them taking as much time as they need.

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Thanks for letting us know greatly appreciated, I know you can’t tell us the date right now on when S3 release date is but can you say “no more than X amount of days”?

Count the number of days between now and March 31st. There’s your answer. :slightly_smiling:

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“no more than 42 days”

I’ll say that with confidence.

By the end of season 2, I got burnt out for constantly playing it. scheduling season 3 like this would freshen up my mind and play it again. Plus this is a benefit to the developers incase they need to delay it for more polishing to the game.


I’m having the expectation that Season 3 will release on the 31st. I know this may not necessarily be the case but, I’m doing it so I won’t be let down by not being able to play it early.

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To say it in true Aria fashion: my body is ready!

As others said good things come to those who wait and March is very close, even if it’s March 31st that’s close enough.

They said the 1 character per month schedule was brutal and very hard on them by S2’s end. Quality of character design and overall polish should take priority over quicker release dates ALWAYS.

Going forward I say IG please take as much time as you need to make each S3 character a jaw dropper.