I DID IT! I'm a Killer!

Im so happy! And i dont care how lame it is to be bragging about it in the forums!

First off, the reason im happy, is because im not a fighting game player. I had never played a fighting game, or realized that people took fighting games seriously, until i found Killer Instinct. I used to be a FPS only guy, but KI absolutely stole my heart, and ive loved it ever since.

When i first started KI, it was the most intimidating game ive ever seen. I could only play like 3 fights a day because it stressed me out so bad. I had no idea how hard it was to be good at a fighting game. It took me 3 DAYS STRAIGHT to beat the Dojo! But the game is SO GOOD, that i knew i would enjoy every step of learning, no matter how tough it would get.

I Couldn’t even play the game at silver level, but for the entirety of Season 2, i watched all of the streams, Got hype for every new character reveal, and was stunned by the love the developers showed for the community. I also loved slowly getting to know the community through youtubers like Maximilian Dood, Super Best Friends Play, and through the countless tournaments i watched for hours on end. Every time i found something new out about the fighting game community, the more i wanted to be a part of it.

After a few months of playing, and making little to no progress, i stopped playing for about 3 months. Some life events happened, and very slowly i was pushed back into a desire to play KI again. I joined the forums to stay up to date about Season 3, and then i saw the 8BitBeatDown tournament News article. That’s when i made the decision. I was going to practice, with only 24 HOURS until the tournament, get bodied in the tournament, and then NOT STOP until i became one of the best players out there. I would compete every chance i got until i made it to the top.

After the tournament and 1 week of all night grinding and lab working, I finally made it to KILLER tonight and got my level 50 Omen. (10 minutes before 2016!)

I know this is literally the FIRST STEP in the process, but i cant help but be exited knowing im going to enjoy the next 17 steps just as much. (the 17 steps are all of the other characters.)

So now i’m looking forward to getting bodied some more. Learning every character and matchup. Please if you can, suggest who my next character should be, and leave me some tips that you guys learned while getting to killer/top 32.

This is clearly an emotionally fueled post, but if i can get ANY help on how to get better from it, i will be Just as happy as when i won my KILLER promotion fight!


Welcome to Killer tier.
All Killer vs Killer Battles are best of 3.
Welcome to hard mode.
good luck.

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I kid you not, your post has made me turn on my X1 with the simple motive of beating some players in Ranked this very instant. I’ve been in Gold for a very long time, getting bodied by Killers and Gold players alike because I’ve been trying to get the 20 Ranked wins achievement for each character (currently on Kan-Ra) while also trying to get promoted. It isn’t easy when you have so many good players to fight against.
That being said, I’m quite happy that you succeeded, I hope to see you in Killer soon and have a few 2/3 matches :smile_cat:

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Congratulations. Very well done.

I’m calling the cops!!!
Oh wait… you mean ranked. Good stuff.


I’ll never get there, so congrats.

Never say never. I’m still trying to get to Killer myself, with no sight. So imagine how tricky/frustrating/insert adjective of choice here that must be…

Congratulations. I look forward to reading more on your progress. Well done.

WOW just be patient and keep at it man

Congrats! I made it yesterday too! It was a tough road!! I went 33-4 on a 4 hour Ranked binge! It wasn’t easy…but I finally found the patience and tools to keep Omen competitive in ranked…and that’s no easy task!

To those that haven’t made it yet…dont give up…keep practicing…keep learning from everyone here in the forums and most important…take breaks form ranked. When you find yourself tired, on a loosing streak, or agitated… stop playing and come back when your in a good mood. IT makes all the difference… trust me.

I’ve been there a LONG time, and I even brought my friend’s profile to Killer on the side as well.

All I can say is the matches from here on out are gonna test your metal. On the plus side, you can learn a lot from this level of play, and it doesn’t exactly hinge on an opponent making one lucky round with a blindside strategy, so if you lose round 1, you can turn it around.

Best of luck in the future, I’m still working on getting my first top 32 star.


Well done, now the fun begins =)


After a year of silver scrubbing I’m now a gold and took a round vs emperor prime so I’m getting better i get anxious vs names i know normally can bait people in played a silver dude who kept jumping in so he got the maya down hp treatment for his 2nd life bar he said im dirty and only do one move i told him jumping in didnt work the first 5 times why did you keep jumping in its a bad habit that he lacked fundamentals i woke up with 20 unread messages talking bs he wants a revenge match hahah


i’ll never get in killer status, congrats. so you ended 2015 on a good note. :smile:

Just stay determined!

Practice the game galatic geek from here gsve me alot of tips that have paid off. One thing i will say characters who give you a hard time go into training learn how to do what it is there doing to you record the ai to do it vs your main abd learn whats your best tools to punish that i never try something i know is to slow tp punish. Then record the ai doing a different mix up and throwing whats throwing you off and repeat orchids crouching sweep and slides destory me not anymore

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To all of you that say you will never make it…YOU WILL!!! It just takes time, practice and patience!

I thought i would never make it…and at one point the way i played i wouldn’t have made it…but i changed somethings and got better and just made sure i only played ranked when i was in a good mood and not frustrated. if you get frustrated stop right then and come back another day… you will slowly make it to the top and keep your points one session at a time

Also don’t practice against CPU… practice against shadows or exhibition

Never Say Die!!!

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Congrats mate! Deserved!

Getting hard on Gold Tier still my game, hope someday I can match you!